About Ava

Photo credit: Kay Brown, Pace, Florida

Photo credit: Kay Brown, Pace, Florida

For over twenty years, Ava Sturgeon has helped young women understand the privilege and responsibility of following Christ. As a high school English teacher, she’s seen their struggles. As a mentor and Bible teacher for college ladies, she’s seen their authentic faith.

Ava’s Bible study A Daughter’s Worth (2006) helps young women understand their precious value as God’s treasures. A Daughter’s Heart (2011) explores God’s holy character and our devotion to Him.

Teaching high school English means lots of essay grading with little time for writing on her own. But sometimes, during holidays and summers, Ava publishes Worthy Daughters blogs and enjoys speaking at girls’ and ladies’ events. At her church in Pensacola, Florida, she has served in both the high school and college ministries.

To contact Ava for Bible study or speaking information, email her at avasturge@yahoo.com. For information on her Bible studies, see the blog tabs for A Daughter’s Worth and A Daughter’s Heart.

Interested in her beliefs as a born-again Christian? Here’s a peek:

In Ava’s own words: As a child, I realized that one sin was enough to separate me from Holy God. I learned that Jesus died on a cross to erase the judgment of every bad thing I’d ever do. His death was a gift if I’d simply accept it. So I did. Thankfully, the story didn’t end there: Jesus rose from the dead and will return for His children one day. Until then, my joy is to love Him and love others.

1. The Bible is the infallible and inspired word of God.
2. There is one God who exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
3. Salvation comes through God’s grace and Christ’s sacrifice.
4. The only way to Heaven is belief in the resurrected Christ.
5. Every believer’s responsibility is sharing Christ with others.


2 thoughts on “About Ava

  1. Keren Morrell-Kiernan says:

    Ms Ava, we are beginning a Bible Study with two groups of our girls (Middle and High School) in a couple weeks and can no longer locate the Leader’s Guide to “A Daughter’s Worth”. Can you tell us where we might be able to purchase one?

    • worthydaughters says:

      Hi! There is no separate leader’s book for A Daughter’s Worth, but at the back of each copy you’ll find an abbreviated leader’s guide with a general list of ideas on how to organize and lead weekly discussions. Please know that I’ve facilitated these studies for a decade now, along with many other women who’ve done the same, and it’s refreshing and revealing to spend the totality of each meeting simply discussing participants’ thoughts and responses for each daily lesson. Think book club with believers using the book’s content/scripture references as prompts for Jesus conversations. The pacing is unrushed, and I believe that spending the time hearing each others’ struggles and revelations goes a long way. I hope you have the same experience. Thank you for choosing this book!

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