A Daughter’s Worth Book Info

A Daughter’s Worth: A bible Study for teenaged Girls

(Clink the link below to order from Amazon.)

This twelve week Bible study is perfect for tweens and teens alike. It’s all about helping girls understand and embrace their great precious worth through God’s eyes.

Here are some quick highlights of the study:

  • Perfect for small-groups or individual devotions
  • Relevant and engaging topics
  • Plenty of scripture within the study
  • Discussion-based format
  • Leader guide with tips, suggestions in the back of every book


Want to purchase this book? Click here: https://www.amazon.com/daughters-worth-bible-study-teenaged/dp/0997286903/ref=sr_1_2s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1471116899&sr=1-2&keywords=a+daughters+worth


To contact the author for prayer, to share about your group study, or to receive speaking topics, please email Ava at avasturge@yahoo.com.


21 thoughts on “A Daughter’s Worth Book Info

  1. worthydaughters says:

    Hey, Ava Sturgeon here, author of A Daughter’s Worth. How embarrassing to let you know that my blog wasn’t set to notify me of comments, so I just saw this. 😦 Please forgive my unbelievably months-late reply. I am wondering, however, how the study went when you taught it in October. Praying that God used it to turn the heart of young girls toward Him. In Christ, Ava Sturgeon

  2. Colleen Wallace says:

    Hello Ava,

    My best friend and I have girls that are sophmores in college. We are looking for a study to do together with them. Do you have other studies, or can you recommend any, that are geared for 19-20 year olds? I think ‘A Daughters Worth’ sounds like it would still be applicable and a wonderful study, I’m just worried the girls may think it’s “too young” for them! They are, after all, college girls now 🙂 haha! Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Colleen Wallace

    • worthydaughters says:

      Hi, Colleen!
      Thanks so much for asking me about my Bible studies. I think you’re perceptive in wondering if A Daughter’s Worth might be a tad young for college students. Although the content is revelant for post-high schoolers, I fear the presentation and teen references could turn them off. (Having said this, I hear of women’s groups going through the study, replacing words like “boyfriends” with “husbands” and “history tests” with “work deadlines.”)

      The newer study called A Daughter’s Heart was written specifically for upper ages, focusing on the character of God and our response to Him. It’s really about the call to holiness and why we seek to please God (because of who He is, not because of ritual, etc.). I’ve taught this myself to a group of college freshmen and sophomores who responded well. Its set-up is similar to A Daughter’s Worth: Part journal, part devotional, part scripture. The sentence structure, though, as well as some content, seems better suited to seventeen and up. Hope this helps!

      In Christ,
      Ava Sturgeon

    • worthydaughters says:

      Hi, Richele! I’ve heard of several groups using A Daughter’s Worth as a mother-daughter study. If each party has a book and journals her thoughts on scripture and experiences as indicated, it’s a wonderful way to broach sometimes awkward subjects more easily. The most common comments are that two things happen: One, moms begin to remember the struggles of adolescence and identify more with their daughters. Two, daughters realize their moms are human (ha!), and they bond over common experiences. My prayer, of course, is that both daughter and mom draw closer to each other by drawing closer to God’s truth. Hope this helps! ~Ava Sturgeon

  3. Kelli Braley says:

    Hi Ava, I started a small group for the teenage girls in our youth group and we are working through “A Daughter’s Worth” and loving it. I also love your blog and share the posts with the group through our Facebook page. Thank you for caring about these young women and using your gift of writing to minister to them. ~Kelli

    • worthydaughters says:

      Kelli, I so appreciate your kind words! This encouragement couldn’t come at a better time. And thank you for being in the trenches with these young women, pointing them to Jesus. The rewards, as you know, are eternal. In Christ, Ava

  4. 5R Family says:

    Hello Ms. Sturgeon! I have read the above comments and am torn between two of your books, A Daughter’s Worth and A Daughter’s Heart. I teach Sunday School and my high school girls are Christian and for the most part, highly intelligent over achievers. (I have my work cut out for me! LOL). So I’m leaning towards A Daughter’s Heart. But wanted to ask, my girls said they wanted “life applications to help in relationships with boys”, and they also said that they “want to study what Jesus said” – they are tired of the same Sunday School lessons week after week (curriculum), can you recommend any other studies/books please? Thank you so much.

    • worthydaughters says:

      Hello! Your students sound like many I’ve encountered over the years. Bless you for taking on their interests and pointing them to Christ! I agree with your assessment that A Daughter’s Heart would be better suited for this particular crowd. Although it does not zero in on the boy issue, I’ve come to believe that it focuses in on every issue: When young women understand who God is and where they fit in His glorious plan, everything else falls into place. My prayer is that A Daughter’s Heart helps girls internalize authentic faith, that Christ becomes intimate and not simply academic. I’m not familiar with any boy-specific books, but I’m sure there are many. God bless you in your search! 🙂 Ava Sturgeon

    • worthydaughters says:

      5R Family, I just saw this! So very, very sorry! I had to take a break from writing, and checking the blog took a back seat. 😦 I assume you made a decision over which book to choose–or perhaps chose neither, due to my seemingly apathetic nature. I trust God led you to the perfect resources for your girls. God bless, Ava Sturgeon

      • Mona says:

        Ava, You’re apparently trying to do too many things at once. You did reply to my comment back in October. I decided to give both books to my students and we are using them in conjunction with each other. Hugs and God’s Grace girl! 🙂

    • worthydaughters says:

      Hi, Vicky! Neither of my studies (A Daughter’s Worth and A Daughter’s Heart) uses videos. Each meeting is discussion based, and there’s a leader’s guide at the back of each book (a detailed one in A Daughter’s Heart, very brief one in A Daughter’s Worth). I hope this helps!
      Ava Sturgeon

      • worthydaughters says:

        Hi, there! Most young women in this age range choose A Daughter’s Worth, probably because it deals with God’s liberating truth over ever-mounting societal pressures of appearance, school, friends, etc. I think it’s a fitting foundation: When girls understand what God says about them, then their faith can become personal and authentic. Hope this helps! Ava Sturgeon

  5. Lisa says:

    Hey! I was wondering if A Daughter’s Worth would be appropriate for 11 to 13 year old girls? I was consodering doing this study with our middle school youth group. ☺

    • worthydaughters says:

      Hi, Lisa! Yes, many middle school groups have used A Daughter’s Worth for their studies. It’s appropriate content-wise and because each lesson is discussion based (students write their personal responses/experiences within the books), it’s just the right fit for any age. 🙂 Hope this helps! (Oh, and if you decide to order, please use the link provided on this blog address to access Amazon. There’s been a change in publishers, and this way you’ll get the books in a timely manner.) ~Ava Sturgeon

  6. Lisa says:

    Thank you very much! I look forward to trying it out! With so much negativty in the world, I am thankful to see a study that shows young girls their worth! ☺

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