I’m not afraid of the dark.

The view from my computer as I wrote this blog. Darkness may imprison, but Light overcomes.

After a week of battling demons—when I say this, I’m literally not even kidding—God took me to the soothing words of 1 John. Today a verse leapt off the page: “The darkness is passing away, and the true Light is already shining (2:8, emphasis mine). Right away in my journal I wrote in big letters: WHAT AM I WAITING FOR? LIGHT IT UP, GIRL! I’VE ALREADY WON, PRAISE JESUS!

Yet some questions remained: what was I waiting for, hunkered down for days in darkness? Why do Light-exposed Christians falter, even temporarily, under the attacks of evil? Because when Jesus walked out of that tomb alive, darkness became obsolete. No more waiting for Satan to lose ground. No more hoping for the Son.

So here’s a new say-out-loud anthem based on scriptures bubbling up in my heart. Here’s today’s bright, shiny weapon for victorious warfare.  I hope it’s yours, too:

I hereby declare that I have no fear, for Thou art with me. I go boldly as a light shining brightly, unashamedly on a hill; there’s no waiting for a turnaround of sunny circumstance,  no wringing of the hands on a weary battlefield. Just one torch held high will do the trick. Just one unshakeable Jesus Light.

And the darkness threatening my joy? Nice try, enemy of mine. With the promise of my Savior, what can man do to me? Nothing permanent, that’s for sure. I’m unaffected by your arrows and strengthened by God’s armor, so let’s face the facts: you lose, and we both know it.

My radiant Jesus, the Light of the world! He lives actively, boldly, and assuredly in me. Today that’s my warrior’s truth. I turn my face toward the Shining Son, and nothing will douse His flame.


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One thought on “I’m not afraid of the dark.

  1. You Lucky says:

    Ava, I am so thankful for your post and for the Truth you have shared. We are living in Jesus’ light we believers have a bright torch of Jesus’ love and faithfulness to share with the world. Let be you. Mom

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