The one thing I’d say

I snapped this photo of college student Elena spending time alone with her Lord.

I snapped this photo of college student Elena spending time alone with her Lord.

“What’s one piece of advice you’d give Christian girls in their teens or young twenties?” Tough question, even for someone like me who’s spent decades sharing Bible wisdom. And honestly, deciding how to answer the email proved tough; after all, scripture is filled with life-changing truth for Jesus-following girlies. So which one spiritual nugget did I choose to say?

First, two likely contenders that didn’t make the cut:

I almost said this one thing: Believe it when God says you’re valuable, a treasure. You are beautifully clean and worthy, thanks to Him, so ignore the world’s lies and cling to God’s acceptance.

But I needed to add some caution: Yes, we Jesus girls are worthy because of His sacrifice. But we could unintentionally make this truth more about us than Him. If we spend too much time pursuing validation that’s already been given, then we become distracted, self-serving. The question of our value is settled; we’re just fine, thanks to Christ. So let’s keep the focus where it belongs, on the One who made us worthy.

Then I almost said this thing: Everything will work out as it’s supposed to; ask God for direction, and He’ll come through.

But I felt the need to clarify: Yes, God has a good plan and will guide us in realizing it; but it’s His good plan. So what does He desire? According to scripture, God wants us to know Him intimately and to give Him glory. He wants us to love Him and others. And He promises strength, joy, and contentment, even when life gets hard. So when we pray for direction, here’s what happens: He comes through by placing us where these good things will flourish—even when that place looks different than we imagined.

I finally did say this one thing: With all that’s in you, embrace your own faith, a growing, authentic relationship with Jesus that’s steady and strong and satisfying.

Here’s why I chose to say it: At some point—hopefully now—you realize that observing the faith of your pastor or parents is not enough to sustain you. You see, there’s a difference between an obedient spectator going through the motions and an imperfect but sincere Jesus girl connected to her Lord. I wish I could tell you face-to-face how much He wants to awe you with His presence, blessings, and purpose. The secret? It’s really no secret at all: get your own authentic faith.

Maybe you aren’t sure how to connect personally to a Holy God. Start by asking Him to show you. Sounds simplistic, but it’s a prayer He’s sure to answer. Then get alone with God. Grab a Bible. Talk to Him in your own voice, as with as friend, about anything. Join a Bible study (or start one yourself) with those who want a living, breathing faith; then pray for scripture to come alive.

Christ offers to be a real, intimate presence in your life, the One who truly matters. Everything hinges on this promise; I’m praying you take Him up on it.


Biblical references for this blog: Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 22:36-39, Romans 8:26-28, Galatians 5:22-25, Philippians 1:9-11, James 1:5-6, and 1 John 4:15-19.


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2 thoughts on “The one thing I’d say

  1. Linda-Sue Allen says:

    Loved reading and pondering these thoughts today. I’m certainly much order than twenty-something but thinking through these words helps bring focus and direction to a growing, on-going relationship with Christ.

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