Confident, not confused

mountains-nature-sunny-bridge-largeI can picture them now, young women with open Bibles and worried faces. They’re anxious, searching for advice on their next life move: which so-and-so to choose, when to do this-or-that, how to talk with you-know-who about you-know-what. And their stressed-out expressions reveal these concerns:

  • What’s God’s plan for me?
  • How will I figure it out?

Great questions, ones every Jesus follower asks. But the quest for answers, sad to say, can make us nervous wrecks. We’re listening for God’s voice, but we’re petrified of hearing Him wrong—or not at all. Then when we do sense His nudging, we hesitate. In short, we’re scared of messing up some gigantic cosmic plan. We become spiritually paralyzed, fearing that one tiny misstep will ruin His will and our future.

But these fears are unfounded. They’re lies from the evil one, actually.

Here’s the truth about our good God: He’s not a manipulative trickster whose plans are tough to untangle. He’s not waiting to pounce when we make a “wrong” choice. And I promise you this: If, for some reason, we select Option A when B eventually makes more sense, the God of Creation can certainly correct it.

If you’re all-in for Christ, then God promises to guide your steps. He directs, even when you’re not sure. He puts stuff into place, even before you realize it’s out of order. He lays out a plan to relieve you, not burden you. In short, He’s in control.

So what’s your contribution to unraveling the Ultimate Life Plan? Here’s what scripture teaches us:

  1. We must spend time in prayer. The Bible is full of God’s people who faced huge decisions and made prayer the priority. They retreated from distraction, fasted while seeking, and asked God for answers. (Philippians 4:6, James 1:5)
  2. We must consult Godly people. When you share concerns with others, they join you in prayer and encourage you. They also make sure your options align with God’s Word. (Proverbs 1:5, Proverbs 11:14)
  3. We must learn to listen. I cannot explain the intimacy that comes from earnestly seeking God’s plan. Just know that the Holy Spirit will sharpen your spiritual senses. He’ll not only reveal the next step at the right time, but He’ll give you absolute peace about it. (John 14:26, 1 Corinthians 2:10)
  4. We mustn’t miss today’s agenda. You can live right smack in the middle of God’s will today: Give Him glory. Love Him deeply. And share His love with others. (Matthew 22:37-39, Colossians 3:17)
  5. We must walk in faith. When God has given you (at least part of) an answer, any wavering over action must cease. It’s time to trust that either you heard Him right or that He’ll graciously stop you if wires are crossed. He is faithful. He is sovereign. And when you’re seeking the beautiful will of God, nothing but good comes of it. (Psalm 43:3, Colossians 1:10-11)

Walk in confidence, my fellow Jesus follower. When you seek Him with all your heart, He guarantees a straight path.


Want to know more about hearing God’s voice? Here’s the link to a previous blog on the topic:


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2 thoughts on “Confident, not confused

  1. Sandra Bedsole says:

    Very well spoken. Age has nothing on you when you are seeking God. It is a life long walk with God. Sandra Bedsole

    Sent from my iPad


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