Words that are worth it

blog picI was thirteen, at a ballgame with Lindsey. She was a knock-out, and all the boys agreed. In fact, two “older men”—tenth graders sportin’ driver’s licenses—approached us with eyes for my bestie. Then one of them pointed at me and said in his best swagger, “I know why Lindsey hangs around ugly girls. ‘Cause it makes her even prettier.” Still a cringe-worthy scene, so imagine my braces-and-freckles reaction.

Fast forward to age twenty, as I spoke with my college professor. He’d not been kind in the past, and this day was no exception. During our conversation, he dropped a self-esteem hammer: “You’re average at best,” he began. “You’re not unique and never will be. But you’ll be a decent citizen and have a fairly nice life.” B-r-u-t-a-l.

Now before your heart breaks for me, please know there were positive encounters, too. And life has surpassed “fairly nice.” But how unfortunate when painful words linger; sadder still is our tendency to believe them.

Not sure when it hit me, but I once journaled these questions. And I’m telling you, they were a literal Godsend:

    • Why let boys decide my value?
    • Why blindly believe anyone’s opinion of me?
    • Why spend time with people who degrade me?
    • Why not believe who God says I am?

I’ve grown up hearing God’s description of me and you, too: We were made in His image. He formed us uniquely—with awe, even. He has plans for us, good ones. And these truths aren’t just temporary pick-me-ups. They are life changing.

By life changing, I mean more—way more—than feeling better about ourselves. Of course, God’s words soothe the soul: With Him on our side, who cares what men say? But validation isn’t the only benefit and honestly, it’s not the main one.

When you truly embrace who you are in God’s eyes, some interesting shifts can happen:

  1. Distractions fade. Stressing over what others think is exhausting. (It’s actually self-centered.) I wonder what God could do with a girl who frees her mind and focuses on Him.
  2. Purpose emerges. God has stuff for you to do—fulfilling stuff that’ll bring you to life, make each day matter. So ask Him for the bigger picture. And then live big.
  3. Faith becomes personal. You were born with God’s love. But you weren’t His child yet, not ‘til you followed Jesus. Once that happened, though, you gained a best friend, a wise advisor, and a perfect role model. (Want to know more? Message me for life changing details.)

Tired of hurtful words? Ready to send them packing? Cling to who you are. Cling to whose you are. I promise, God is worth it. Thanks to Jesus, you are too.


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