God whispers (reprint)

sun raysYou’ll never believe it! (Or maybe you will.) I, a regular, somewhat level-headed human, just tuned in to the Voice. No, not the TV show—way better than that. The Voice, as in Almighty God Inside My Head. Undeniably His. And undeniably cool.

It happened at 7:00 a.m. during a bit of anxiety. I was worried about friends, family, money, you name it. And as I peeked into the bathroom mirror, a clear-as-day thought flashed across my brain: “Just focus on Me. Look My way, and you’ll be fine.”

Now, a couple of things need to be said here: Number one, I was not dreaming. And number two, it did NOT come from me.

Believers often say God talks to them. I understand being moved through songs, sermons, sunsets. Most of us have seen a Bible verse leap off the page and into our hearts. That’s God, no doubt. And it’s special.

But can thoughts coming out of a human brain actually be the Voice of God? And if so, how do we know they’re His? Like today. I was certain, squinting in that mirror, that God spoke into my ear: “Just focus on Me. Look My way, and you’ll be fine.” Here’s what convinced me:

1)   It sounded exactly like something He’d say. And it sounded nothing like me.

Throughout the Bible, God says to focus on Him. And His presence calms our inner storm. (Remember Peter’s walk on water?) As for me and my natural M.O, I’m more of a “We’re all gonna drown!” kind of girl. Thank God for His thoughts, not mine. And His Voice is always scripturally sound.

2)   It was a grammar thing.

I distinctly heard, “Focus on ME,” a first person reference to the One speaking. Now, if my brain were talking to itself, it would say, “Focus on HIM,” or “Focus on God.” See the difference? When my thoughts on God switch from thinking ABOUT Him to speaking FOR him (first person I, Me, My, Mine), it’s time to take notice.

3)   I was primed and ready for good reception.

During a recent sermon, God nudged me to clean “house” for Holy chats: Praise songs on, TV trash off. Prayer life fed, gossip starved. Verses memorized, wrongs forgotten. The Bible calls it the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). I call it, “Jesus, invade my brain.”

So listen up, fellow Christ followers. He’s searching for ears to hear. And the words He chooses are true, clear, life-changing: “[Jesus said], ‘My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow Me’” (John 10:27).


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