Don’t call me sexy

blog pic 2Dear Friends on Social Media:

This is Kate, and I have a request: Please don’t call me sexy. I know you mean well, and it’s nice you think I’m pretty. But the word sexy, I’ve gotta say, doesn’t actually mean pretty. In fact, it has little to do with my face. When you say I’m sexy, you’re saying I arouse sexual desire. You’re saying I’m sexually suggestive. But to me, that shouldn’t be true. ‘Cause I follow Jesus. And I’m only seventeen.

Maybe it’s just a word to you, a slang term that’s no big deal. But what if it’s a big deal to me? Words—even the ones we don’t think much about—have the power to nourish or starve, to uplift or degrade. And if we’re not careful, the idea behind a word can take root. It can become part of us. It can become us.

I’m not saying it’s a bad word; sexiness has its place. In a few years, after I’m Mrs. So-and-So, the time for smoking hotness will happen. (Oh, my.) And as Mrs. So-and-So it’ll be nice to be physically noticed, even gushed about. But you can bet that when it happens, it’ll be in private.

Until then, though, please don’t connect me with sexy or hot or anything else with that connotation. As a Jesus girl, I work hard at downplaying the hotness and up-playing the classy—a timeless look that my Lord, the right guy, and I find worthy. Yes, that means modest fashion. (In a world of cleavage, I’m all about the layering!) Yes, that means modest photo ops. (In a world of sexy pouts, I’m all about the winsome smile.) And yes, that means standing strong when pouty-lipped cleavage chicks get more likes. 🙂

Thanks for respecting my convictions, for protecting my name. If the mood strikes, please notice my new haircut. Or my glowing skin after a day in the sun. Or how the joy of Christ shines on my face. That would make me smile!

So can we please back off the sexy? And bring the pretty back? For all us Jesus beauties.

In Christ,

A Daughter of the Most High (Kate)

 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue. . . .” Proverbs 18:21


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