Alive and well

friendsHe’s no longer dead; just let that sink in. A human body once breathed. And then the breathing stopped. But a new day dawned and with the rising sun, the Son of God arose.

He’s alive and well: The angel said it. An empty tomb revealed it. Eyewitnesses proclaimed it. Unfathomable, for sure—But the truth of this birth-to death-to life again event is a literal lifesaver.

Case in point, me. I’m no longer dead. I used to be. Physically I was in the world, but spiritually there was no heartbeat. Then Jesus Christ showed up, helped me see a better way—the only way, in fact. So I chose what enlightened dead folks choose: To follow Him, all the way to eternal life.

Now I’m born again. A Christ follower. Saved. My hope is alive, my purpose is sure, and my Risen Lord is the reason.

So what do I sing this Resurrection Day? He’s no longer dead! Jesus sits in triumph at the Father’s right hand. And His Holy Spirit courses through my veins—Let the miracle of that sink in!

Are you singing too? I hope so.

I hope you’re alive in Christ. I pray you’re dead to old sins, former shame, and lingering doubt. No room for those inside the living.

Happy Resurrection Day, worthy daughters in Christ. Let’s breathe in those sweet gulps of new life. All is well, for He is risen indeed!


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