The solitary road

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes it’s a journey for two: Just one willing Jesus girl and the God she trusts. Maybe she asked to be on this road. Maybe she didn’t. But here she is, walking hand-in-hand with Holiness. It’s quiet and unsure and probably scary. But it’s necessary. Very, very necessary.

Don’t get me wrong about this trip for two: Observers are nearby. They pray for her, advise her. They share similar travels, encourage her to trust and embrace and breathe. But their journey is not the same. And the Spirit in her leads the way. So when it comes to setting out—doing the thing He’s put in her heart—it’s just one girl and her Lord.

I meet many young women on solitary roads. Most paths are temporary, some seem hard, while others are promising. Several girls chase dreams. A few return from self-propelled detours. They ask for direction, so I point them to Scripture. Then I mention the gift of going solo.

But some prefer traveling in groups. They ask me to join the road trip, to translate their prayers and God’s whispers. They want me to fix things (and sometimes I’d like to). I understand their requests: They’re unsure about traveling alone with Him. They’re afraid of messing things up.

But I cannot come. To do so would cripple them, compromise their paths. To do so would rob them of LIFE. Instead, I share the blessings of my first solitary journey:

Growing a real relationship. God became personal—like someone with skin!—when we were one-on-One.
Learning to hear God clearly. I heard Him—really heard Him!—during the quiet.
Realizing His bigger, better plan. God showed me the splendor of Plans B, C, and D.
Enjoying sweet things. He spoiled me with simple, smile-inducing reminders of His presence.
Treasuring secrets too precious to tell. Some parts of our intimate travels are still between God and me.

It’s your journey, Worthy Daughter. Yours and His. Walk it with confidence, knowing He’ll guide you in unimaginable ways. It’s a grown-up path for growing travelers. But you can do it. And this road makes all the difference.

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