To love Him is to know Him

coraWhat do you wish were different about 2013? I have a few regrets—always do, since this body and brain of mine keep ruining my good intentions. There was sadness too, some of which I couldn’t control. Oh, and that to-do list I made last January 1st? Just found it, untouched, in a pile of unopened mail.

Goodbye, 2013. Whatever you brought me, here’s what God says about the past 365 days:

1)   He knew about every one of them. Beforehand, even!

2)   He loved me through them. Even the bad ones I caused myself.

3)   He promises to use them for good. If I’m devoted to Him, that is.

So now, as 2014 peeks its squeaky clean self around the corner, I’m ready for anything! How about you? May I suggest something that’s promising? Better yet, want to hear God’s advice to me about the new year? I heard it in my head while reading scripture:

“Make just one goal for 2014. Get to know me. Really know me. And then you’ll really start living.”

Gotta admit, my first reaction was, “That’s it, Lord? Just one resolution? But what about those ten extra pounds, the messy desk, my whole ‘gonna be nicer’ carryover from 2013? We’re talking good things, necessary things.”

“Nope. Take your eyes off the list,” I heard in my gut. “For now, focus on the words of John 17:3,  Jesus’ simple, sincere prayer to Me: ‘This is the way to have eternal life—To know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth.’”

Confession time: I thought I knew Him (well enough) already. But then I studied the definition of “know.” Uh oh:


Verb: To be aware of, conscious of, informed. Synonyms: To sense, realize.

Verb: To develop a close relationship through spending time with; to be familiar or friendly with.

What part of the definition gets your attention? For me, it was almost every word. I know Him, but do I sense His presence? I know Him, but am I informed of His Word? I know Him, but is our relationship intimate? Oh, Lord, I want to know you!

The benefits of this resolution seem endless. Eternal, even. And I can’t help thinking that a single, sincere focus on Him will take care of other things. 🙂 Happy New Year, worthy daughters. I pray we know Him in 2014.


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