Invisible blessings

snowflakesMy sister texted me something pretty special the other day. It was unusual but smile worthy, in a quiet kind of way. And honestly, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

The Oklahoma afternoon was icy, cold, and dangerous to drive. My sister Andrea sat warm and toasty in her Honda at the high school waiting on Jackson. Suddenly, movement caught her eye. It was a man. A man in freezing temperatures walking toward a certain car in the student parking lot. What in the world was he up to?

Andrea’s text can take it from here:

text five

World’s coolest Dad! (No chilly pun intended.) I replied to the text, noting that the image of him scraping ice with freezing hands brought me to tears. And Andrea was perceptive in posing this question: Did his child even consider the selfless, generous gesture? Or did he go about his merry way, oblivious to the gift of sacrifice, protection, and love?

And that’s when my sis Andrea concocted the perfect analogy. Here’s her follow-up text:

text three

Boy, was she on to something! How many times has Father God been my heroic ice scraper? How often has He quietly gone before me to smooth the road, clear the path, make a way? Maybe I noticed. More likely I didn’t. Just got in my car and rushed off to the next adventure, oblivious to the One standing there.

Lord, make me aware of your blessings. Help me notice your goodness. I want to be thankful in all seasons, but especially when cold winds blow.


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2 thoughts on “Invisible blessings

  1. Melanie Rose Schroeder says:

    Challenged to press in a little more to shower that hidden kind of love whether noticed or not.

    LOVE IT and feel so loved when I see that happen to me. This will have to be one of my 1000 gifts I am thankful to be able to enjoy too.

    Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend!!!

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