When God’s path is a U-turn

My handwritten desk reminder that God knows what He's doing.

My handwritten desk reminder that God knows what He’s doing.

“Right back where I started,” Annie said in a text. “Thought I’d left that situation, but here I am again. Who’d have guessed it? Who knew?”

I’ll tell you who knew: God, the foolproof navigator of U-turns! Recently, His path took me back to a place I never planned to revisit. Was I surprised? Oh, yes. Did I misinterpret my inner GPS (God’s Perfect Spirit)? No way.

I taught high school for over two decades, then felt God leading me out of it. So I resigned from my job, wrote books/blogs, and volunteered at church. Now, logic would suggest that when God closed that door of teaching, He’d keep it tightly shut.

But as of August, I’m back in the classroom. What? (Yeah, that’s what I said.) After prayer, though, and a peace I can’t explain, my life has returned to essays and grammar. There’s something interesting I’ve noticed, however: The job is the same. But I’m not.

  • With God’s wisdom, I’m more equipped now than before.
  • With Jesus’ example, I’m more loving now than before.
  • With the Spirit’s power, I’m more at peace now than before.

You see, a U-turn of obedience is not humdrum backtracking. It’s not returning to former circumstances out of convenience, habits, laziness, or fear. And it’s not doing the same old thing the same old way.

It is God’s beautiful plan of second chances, of resurrecting fresh promise within familiar turf. And it’s an exciting prospect, ‘cause when you round that learning curve in the U, there’s just no turning back.

Do you find yourself saying, “Here I am again”? Well, maybe it’s the right place to be. In the U-Turn Hall of Fame, you’re in great company: Naomi headed back to Bethlehem, Paul returned to Philippi. And then there’s the ultimate “been there, done that,” when Jesus will come to earth again and lovingly scoop up His own.

So don’t fear the path, wherever it leads. God holds your hand, lights the way, and goes before you—even when He takes you back to fresh, familiar ground.


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