Life changers, part three: Hannah

Hannah, a Jesus loving Florida Gator, with her copy of A Daughter's Heart.

Hannah, a Jesus loving Florida Gator, with her copy of A Daughter’s Heart.

She’s a powerhouse now, hungry for God and happy to serve Him. But it wasn’t always like this for Hannah. In fact, just last October she was a mess—A mess that God pursued. Why in the world would He bother? Because He loves her (and you) like crazy.

Does the messiness ring a bell? Could you also use a life change? I asked Hannah to share her story—one of fresh starts, obedience, and purpose—that began with a Holy encounter:

The old Hannah

Until I recommitted my life to the Lord, I was the typical college student, immersed in all the sin that the world had to offer. I lived continuously breaking my Father’s heart.

had a visit from God

But God turned my life upside down on a fall night—capturing my heart in a way I’d never experienced—and I started to see His purpose for me. I left the party scene and became involved with college ministry. The Lord brought into beautiful focus what He said to me that October night, that I was “a daughter of the Most High King.”

so she drew closer

Soon afterward, I was on Amazon and stumbled upon A Daughter’s Heart. My order was delayed for weeks, and I was close to canceling it. But I continued to contact the seller, and praise the Lord, He didn’t allow me to give up! The devotional spoke to my heart in ways I so desperately needed; it was challenging practically, affirmative emotionally, and eye-opening spiritually.

and began to share

I immediately felt the pull to start a Bible study with A Daughter’s Heart, wanting others to see their worth in Christ. I got on my knees to pray about doing this, and later that very same night a friend asked me to co-lead a Bible study with girls in our freshman class!

with a grateful heart.

I am thankful for God’s grace that allows me to obey Him and to share what I’ve experienced: An undeniable love that inspires me to live as I truly am, a daughter of the Most High King.

So there you have it: God to Hannah’s rescue, Hannah’s love for God. Is this your story too? I sure hope so. ‘Cause the Most High King has a lifetime of promise for willing, worthy daughters.


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