Life changers, part two: Grayson

Grayson learned that the little things can add up pretty quickly.

Grayson learned that the little things can add up pretty quickly.

About that little chat you had. You know, the tiny opening when a friend asked about Jesus? And later you wondered how things went or if you made any sense at all? Good news, worthy daughter: Every word from your obedient mouth matters.

Grayson, who also has an obedient mouth, has something to tell you. She’s sixteen now but several years ago found herself smack dab in the middle of a faith talk. At the time it seemed random, small, uneventful, but….Well, hang on. Grayson tells it better:

“In seventh grade our yearbook staff took a bus trip. We had time on our hands, so I began talking with my friend Lindsey about Jesus. I told her how comforting it was to know He loves me. Then to my surprise, Lindsey asked questions. I answered the best I could.

Later that year she moved away, and we lost touch. I figured that was that. But I was wrong.”

It’s me again, Ava. Have you been there too? Doing something for Jesus, then forgetting its potential outcome? Or doubting your impact for Christ? Sometimes, though, God reminds us of truth with a scrumptious story update. Here’s Grayson again:

“Fast forward three years. Out of the blue, Lindsey messaged me:

“I still remember the day you shared Jesus with me. You didn’t know it at the time, but you changed my life by introducing me to Him. I now go to church. I understand what it’s like to know God’s love and grace. You set a spark in me, and now I can send it on to others. Thank you a hundred times over!”

Grayson! (It’s me, Ava.) I want to squeeze you and praise the Father’s goodness! You shared Christ with Lindsey, who’s sharing with her friends, and so on. Who knew God’s big ole plan included middle school bus trips?

So what does Grayson think about small talk, Jesus style? “I used to wonder if I’d done anything significant for God. Now, though, I realize how important the little things are, even when we don’t see it right away.” Wise words, little sis. Small things for Jesus always add up. And you can count on that.


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