Life changers, part one: Tori

Tori, my Bible study student who comes prepared with notebooks, questions, and full on transparency.

Tori, my Bible study student who comes prepared with notebooks, questions, and full on transparency.

Life changers. Regular girls who’ve grabbed on to this faith thing. They shake off stale religion and crave a Jesus walk that’s intimate, deliberate. And oh, how their texts tickle me: “Mrs. Ava! Guess what God just showed me!?!”

Tori tickles me for sure. She’s a pre-med student who should probably be a lawyer. She’s smart and quick and ready to defend her faith. But with a complete stranger? That’s a whole new ballgame, and Tori was recently called up to bat.

Here’s her game changing story in her own words:

On a recent flight, I recalled my pastor saying that he shares Christ with fellow passengers. Then out of the blue I thought, “An airplane is actually a great place to witness.”

Suddenly I noticed a guy to my right. He was young, maybe late twenties. And I heard a voice in my head say, “Talk to him.”

I ignored it at first. My palms got sweaty, my heart raced, and nerves took over. “God, why should I talk to him? What will it gain?” I asked.

The reply? “Just do it.”

I started out easy, asking about his travels. His reply was just one word. I pressed a bit further, but the conversation went nowhere. So I decided to mind my own business.

Then a Holy Spirit dialogue ensued:

“That’s it? You’re quitting now?”

“But, God, I did what you said! I tried to talk with him!”

“So keep talking.”

I asked the guy about churches where he lived. I asked if he went to church. Then I asked a bigger question. Is his family Christian? “Yes,” he said, “they are.”

After this last question, he turned away from me, ending the conversation. And that’s when I realized that this was a test. My test. Would I obey God despite fear and discomfort?

Did this brief encounter change a man’s life? Not that I could tell. But I don’t know him, and I don’t know where he stands with God. I do know I’d been faithful, and God could do the rest. I had passed a scary test and drawn closer to my Savior because of it.

Meet Tori, life changer. Prompted and strengthened by the life-giving Life Changer, one obedient step at a time.


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2 thoughts on “Life changers, part one: Tori

  1. Valerie Campbell says:

    i dont know why im not able to leave a comment, but Tori’s story, was absolutley on point..reason said, is that i feel like most of the time,when the Holy Spirit talk to me? and at times i do fear to talk that person, because they might turn away, or say something regarding God that will upset me? sometimes i fear that, and others..not like they would curse me out..but,they or he or she wouldnt be receptive to hear, the love of God on my life..and the love that Jesus has for all of us..sinners too

  2. worthydaughters says:

    Valerie, your comment posted just fine. 🙂 I’m glad that Tori’s experience resonated in your own heart; it did mine too. So thankful that we sisters can encourage and challenge each other to live boldly for Jesus! Bless you, Ava Sturgeon

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