When Channing and Tebow show up

man twoLet’s say you’re at a Bible study or volleyball fellowship. And life just got way better ‘cause he’s there. The eligible one. The beautiful one. Best of all, the Jesus following one. You can’t even breathe, unless it’s to suck in when he walks by.

We’ll call him Channing because he’s gorgeous like the Hollywood hunk: He has the my-girlfriends-will-be-so-jealous-of-us kind of face. He also has the Ryan Gosling “Hey, girl” kind of smooth. This is not an average looking guy. This is someone who’d greatly improve the content of your Instagram pics. Unfiltered.

Better still, his last name could be Tebow. Like the football star, he’s a God guy! Under his arm is a Bible that’s worn. (Worn, people!) Under the other is something else really spiritual, like a guitar for the praise band or a prayer journal. Rumor has it his heart bleeds for poor children. You believe it. He is, after all, wearing TOMS.

But there’s trouble on the horizon. Every waiting-for-her-dream-guy chick within a ten-mile radius sees him, too. And she’s coming hard, sister, toward the answer to your prayers.

I get it, the hysteria around a Christian cutie, especially when there’s a drought of Jesus boys. My Channing Tatum/Tim Tebow was a Rick Springfield double, which was like, totally 80’s. He was my Jeremiah 29:11 come true—or so I thought. Too bad every girl at church felt the same way.

After the hormone dust settled, I had a few battle scars. But I also learned something. Want to know what the Rick Springfield Debacle of ‘82 revealed? “Relax, Christian girl in a boyfriend funk. There’s more than one of his kind. And forcing God’s plan for your love life ain’t good.”

You see, Jesus girls don’t need to fight for a guy. Snagging him shouldn’t be stressful. Sure, we’re picky—God’s standards are high—and maybe inventory is low. But trust this: When it’s time (and God’s clock is accurate), love will be natural, gradual, and right.

So are we clear, my giddy Channing/Tebow admirers? When he appears, no panicking. Promise? Or killing off the competition. Or purchasing a pair of TOMS. By all means notice him (ha!), giggle over him (lots!), and trust God to do His matchmaking thing.


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4 thoughts on “When Channing and Tebow show up

  1. Ruthie says:

    Thank you for the reminder! I do look forward to when my future husband shows up! I believe that God is writing my love story. I agree, no need to fight over some guy, although I wouldn’t mind being Mrs. Tebow 😉

  2. Miriam Joslin says:

    Good word as always, Ava! So thankful I waited on my Frank! Thirty-six years coming up! God is sooooo good! Keep on keeping on with encouraging this young women! This world’s ideas on dating and marriage are so far away from God’s plan. Thank you, Jesus, for giving Ava the creative ability to share your truth with others!

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