When God has a plan

nurseIt’s going to be okay. All of it. The school stuff, friend stuff, family stuff, boy stuff. Whatever’s stressing you, let it go. ‘Cause according to the Good Book, God’s got this. And He’s got you in His hands.

Do you dare believe it? Sounds simplistic, I know, but Jesus Followers face the future with confidence. After all, that’s what Romans 8:28 is all about: “For those who love God, all things work together for good, for those called to His purpose.” 

Did you see it? Things work out for the Jesus girls! Things work out for His purpose! So it’s all good now, right? ‘Cause I sense some hesitation.

Maybe it’s this:  You believe God’s in control. But you fear that His purpose won’t match your plan.

That’s where Jane was. She wanted to be a nurse, but school was difficult. And even though she studied, her grades suffered. “God has a future for me,” she said. “And His ways are good. But what if His idea of ‘good’ is different than mine?”

Been there? Felt that? I have.

When I first walked with Jesus, He knew my dreams. Surely He’d fulfill them! And then Psalm 37:4 promised my deepest desires if only I delighted in God. But you see, I had it backwards—Intimacy with Him doesn’t give me what I want. Intimacy with Him changes what I want.

So is it actually possible for your desires to mirror His? (Even if you flunk out of nursing school?) To be so enamored with the Savior that wherever He leads is okay? (Even if it’s across the world?) Y-E-S.

Over time, as you walk with Jesus, it’s easier to trust the path. His good becomes your good, and life becomes sweeter. Really! There’s confidence in every step—even the difficult ones—because you know three things are certain: You have a purpose, others see hope, and God gets the glory. Now that’s a plan for eternity!

By the way, Jane’s a pediatric nurse now. She works halfway around the world in the slums. Up to age 20, Jane never liked children. Then one fall, after failing a class in nursing school, she was hired to babysit two newly adopted kids. They had once lived halfway around the world, in an orphanage. It’s two blocks from where she works now. 🙂 Take heart, worthy daughter. God always knows what He’s doing.


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4 thoughts on “When God has a plan

  1. Valerie Campbell says:

    Dear Worthy Daughter..My name is Valerie Campbell. Im strugglin gin all aresa as a Christian? maybe its deeper then that with me, I kno wit is deeper then that. im suffer and battleing insecurity,low-self-esteem,jealousy for all the reasons i really dont know? maybe? i have so much going on with me, thats is tearing the relationship i need desperatly with God down. its hurting Him, that im feeling all of this and more…He see’s more in me then i see in myself..and if i love God as i read in another article, how can i feel this way about myself, and things in me?? im desperatly wanting to live in peace with myself, knowing that im wonderfully made in his image…im all over the place with whats in me, and what i want to say? Satan, has a way of doing a great job of healping me…and i give him the space to do so?..I am weak in some areas where its an open space from satan to dive in….and my mind wonders and thinks about what ever it pleases…….I wnat to live right by God, and do all the things i have in me, that pleases Him in everyway..im hurting to find what wrong with me, if theres any? and why im having a hard time with me, and my walk with Jesus, whom i need daily…I know God has a plan for me and mylife, i know he has order my steps, and it time for me to move and act on them….my feet are stuck, my heart is trembling, my hands are shaking, my mind is racing,wondering,worrying..and this is a sin to worry? why am i having a hard time in doing what God wants me to do..Please Help me in anyway with advice,opinions for to to stay encourage,and be encourage in the Lord….im ready to do His will for mylife….

    • worthydaughters says:

      Dear Valerie,
      I am so happy you’ve written me. In order to reply to your message, I had to publish your request, which is pretty personal. If you’d rather, I’ll be happy to remove it and you can contact me via email at avasturge@yahoo.com. Just let me know. 🙂
      The good news is that when you want the things of God—When you desire to please Him more than anything in this world—then you are exactly what He is looking for. The Bible says many times that God looks at the intent of the heart and takes great delight in those who want to follow. That’s you, Valerie! So despite your mess-ups, your inability to get it perfectly right, and your uncertainty about the future, these things fade in the light of your devotion to God.
      Please hear me on this: Yes, we are to obey, submit, and grow. But God will help us do this gradually and consistently the more we follow Him. He also knows we’ll get it wrong sometimes, but that’s where grace comes in. He just simply loves you, Valerie. Nothing you do or don’t do will change that.
      The trouble with beating yourself up over mess ups is that you might begin to think that salvation or favor is due to works–you know, how good you are. That’s a tricky place to be and one that’ll land you in distress. God doesn’t want that. He wants you to give yourself a break, to understand that He’s doing the heavy lifting. He has put His Holy Spirit in you, and as you strengthen your relationship with God, you will automatically respond to the prompts of the Spirit. It’s inevitable; just keep close to the Father, and the rest will begin to fall into place.
      Are you involved in a church youth group in your town? Is there a woman at your church you trust with these struggles? If there are Bible believers who understand grace and growth, I suggest talking with them and asking them to help you. God wants you to breathe, to understand that He sees your tender heart, and that little by little He’ll help you grow into the woman He envisions. And in the meantime, when you mess up He’s there with open arms, unconditional love, and second chances.
      In Christ,
      Ava Sturgeon

  2. Jaime says:

    WOW. I just stumbled across this blog because my friend posted this on another friend’s facebook wall, but honestly, it has to be God’s working. This post is a mirror to my current struggles. Uncertainty in nursing especially with grades, believing God is in control, but not know if this is his plan. To hear another person go through this and seeing God’s faithfulness is so encouraging. Thank you!

    • worthydaughters says:

      Jaime, thanks for sharing your similar struggles, as well as God’s way of soothing your heart. It’s no accident that you found this particular post. And however nursing works out, it won’t be an accident, either. Ah, the relief of knowing He won’t let His seeking, devoted daughters take a wrong turn! Bless you and your promising future. 🙂 ~Ava Sturgeon

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