Sand dollar special (revised reprint)

My imperfect but precious sand dollar miracle. :)

My imperfect but precious sand dollar miracle. 🙂

All my summers have known Pensacola Beach. And all my summers have known the search for a perfect sand dollar. They’re tough to spot, these coins in the surf. But when one appears? Pure bliss! It’s like God’s special “Hey there, sweetheart. I see you, and I’m faithful.”

Well, today, my friends, is the day. The water is clear, calm, sand dollar prime. And guess what?  The very second I walk to the shore, there it is: Tiny but whole, absolutely perfect. So I scoop it up and get pretty cocky for 10:00 a.m.: “Hey, Sand Dollar. Who’s your mama? You’re gonna be a blog, little guy, a story about the blessings. Bam!”

So Blog Idea #1 is born: Getting the Good Stuff.

Seconds later, though, I LOSE IT! Unbelievable. Just floats from my hand like air. So much for getting the good stuff. What good is getting it if you can’t keep it? I’m annoyed at my carelessness, perturbed at my cockiness. Should have been more attentive.

Blog Idea #2: Holding Tightly to the Good Stuff.

An hour passes. I walk along the shoreline and as a wave rushes in, I see something incredible—another sand dollar, a BIG one white as snow. It’s round and perfect and swirling at my feet. Oh, God, you create second chances! You shower me with grace when I least expect it. It’s like a Sand Dollar Miracle!

Blog Idea #3: Getting Way Better Stuff than I Deserve

Scooping up this miracle requires speed. There’s a quick hand plunge, bringing up water, sand and treasure. Then I realize the cost of my sudden grab: A sizeable crack down the middle. My heart sinks. It’s useless now, right? Not special, not pristine. It’s an almost-blessing gone wrong.

My husband sees the whole thing. He says, “You’re not throwing that away, are you? Just because there’s a crack? Take it home, get some glue. It’ll be good as new.”

Blog Idea #4 When Broken Stuff Has Value

Thank you, Father, for sticking with me. For restoring beauty, for sealing my cracks. You won’t throw me away, not ever; I’m valuable in your eyes, worth keeping. Good as new, in fact, through the gift of Jesus. And so is every fragile heart tossing in the current, waiting to be found.


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2 thoughts on “Sand dollar special (revised reprint)

  1. Faith says:

    Thank you for this post.
    The sandollar has become a very important symbol of Gods faithfulness in my life this year. More specifically, the broken sandollar. As you probably know, when a sandollar is broken the little “doves” inside are sometimes found. This has been a reminder to me that through our brokenness, God can create something beautiful.


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