Girl traps, part two (the boy factor)

coupleEverywhere I look, traps appear. And girls fall into them, tricked in a thousand ways. So when I recently chatted with some Christian teens, we faced three snares head on.

One potential trap—boys—was a hot topic for sure. Girls sat up straight, craving Testosterone Wisdom, mainly because they believed this lie: “A boyfriend solves everything.”

I asked them how a boyfriend would make life better, easier, happier:

  • “My social life would improve.” ~Tessa
  • “I’d feel better about myself. It’d mean I’m pretty.” ~Jen
  • “People think you’re weird if you’re not in a relationship.” ~Maya

Hmm, sounds like a lying trick of Satan! Time to bust up the lies and climb out of the “gotta have a guy” trap:

Truth #1: Desiring a boyfriend is okay if it doesn’t consume you.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking about the right kind of guy. It’s actually normal. But life is more than boys, and whether or not he’s on the horizon is unrelated to how you look, who you are, or what the future holds. Beware if you’re thinking, “I should have a boyfriend right now.” IT’S A TRAP.

Truth #2: Desperation for a boyfriend can cause you to settle.

I’m not saying you’ll deliberately pursue a guy who treats you badly. But when girls feel pressure to date and a boy is interested, it’s easy to overlook deal-breaking flaws. Beware if you’re thinking, “I can live with this. He’s not what I prayed for, but he’ll do.” IT’S A TRAP.

Truth #3: Devotion to the wrong guy can cause you to compromise.

Too many girls who date know the relationship is unhealthy, but they’re so afraid of being single that they stay. They can’t imagine life beyond the break-up, the unknown. Beware if you’re thinking, “We’ve been together too long to back out now.” IT’S A TRAP.

So what are the boyfriend traps that could make you vulnerable? Ask your Heavenly Father. Search scripture for clear instruction. Talk with a Godly woman you trust. Most of all, remember the treasure you are and the beautiful, trap-free life your Savior offers: “You are a chosen people, God’s very own possession …He called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light.” (1 Peter 2:9, NLT)

Want to see part one of Girl Traps? Click the link below for last week’s post:


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