The face of genuine beauty

Beautiful Katey's heart pours out the love of her Lord.

Beautiful Katey’s heart pours out the love of her Lord.

This may sound strange, but I’ve been thinking about your face. Kind of personal, agreed, but there’s something you should know. (It’s good, don’t worry.) As it turns out, your face—the one you scrutinize, complain about—is perfectly lovely just as it is. Now before rolling those skeptical eyes, please—pretty please?—read on.

Plenty of girls beat themselves up, looking in a mirror and wishing Miss Universe would stare back. And while it may be common to hate on ourselves, it’s not spiritually healthy. This week three young Jesus followers shared their hang-ups:

* Resenting girls with clearer skin, smoother hair, straighter teeth.

* Obsessing over how they look and who will (or won’t) notice.

* Wondering how life would be different if they looked different.

Megan, a college freshman, asked for some perspective. “Females struggle with appearance,” she confessed. “Can you send me some Bible verses?” Which got me thinking about you, scripture, and your face:

1) Tons of passages describe inner beauty (pure hearts, clean hands, sincere motives). There’s not so much on acne prevention, however. 🙂 Could it be that if God’s not obsessed with outer appearance, then we shouldn’t be either? (See 1 Samuel 16:7.)

2) The Creator carefully formed your face (and curves and freckles and those interesting baby toenails). He did all this with TLC, so the least we can do is appreciate His artistry. (See Psalm 139:13-16.)

3) Satan wants you insecure. And ungrateful, self-absorbed, jealous, distracted. If you listen to the world’s warped view of beauty, he wins and you’re miserable. Not only that, but your reason for being here—loving God and loving people—goes unfulfilled. (See John 8:44.)

4) You and your perfectly lovely face have a bright future, in Jesus’ name. Just stick with the Lord, and His desires will match yours. Take heart because no physical flaw can stop God’s best. (See Psalm 37:4.)

Spiritual beauty treatments are lifelong and rewarding. Case in point: Alexis knows her worth in Christ, but sometimes the lying mirror beckons. Last week she struggled, and suddenly an old song came to mind. She explains what happened next: “It was like the Spirit Himself began singing to me. The kind of girl God wants me to be—lovely, beautiful, priceless—is how He already sees me! All I need to be is HIS. So freeing!”

Free indeed, Alexis. Truth on a Jesus girl’s face is always beautiful. Beautiful and unfading.


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4 thoughts on “The face of genuine beauty

  1. Tracy says:

    wow! I really needed to see this. How true, thank you for these words of wisdom, Lord forgive me for focusing too much on the outer beauty
    and not on you.

    • worthydaughters says:

      Tracy, thank you for taking the time to encourage me. We all tend to focus on outer beauty, but God has a way of gently nudging us toward a much healthier perspective. I’m thankful that His words through this blog post spoke to you. God bless, Ava Sturgeon

  2. Stacey says:

    Keep speaking words of truth Ava! As a young preteen, I was told by my father, “If I wasn’t tall, thin and beautiful, I would never make it in the world.” Although he and I have set the records straight, apologies were given many years later, those words still haunt me, even to this day; as a 41 yr old obese woman. Oh I pray God uses your words to penetrate many young hearts!

    • worthydaughters says:

      Oh, Stacey, I just saw this! Those lies of the world sure can hurt little girls and grown up ones, too. Thank you for encouraging my writing. I pray God uses every word to instill His power, acceptance, and joy into His daughters. Love, Ava

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