What eggs-actly are you doing, God?

My niece Olivia finding Easter eggs.

My niece Olivia finding Easter eggs.

“Time to see what the bunny brought!” my niece Olivia squealed as the family returned from church. “Can we hunt for eggs before lunch?” My sister and her husband panicked.

“We forgot to hide the eggs!” they eyeballed to each other. “You take care of it,” my sister whispered, “and I’ll distract Olivia inside. Empty the whole basket, quick.”

So that’s how it went, smooth as silk, for a while. But Olivia was excited. Excited and fast. Somehow she slipped away and peeked through the window. Suddenly there were screams of horror.

There was her daddy, holding a half-empty basket in one hand and a purple egg in the other. Olivia burst into tears. With a sigh, my sis scooped up her poor, disillusioned baby.

But then Miss O got mad. “Daddy’s stealing all my eggs,” she wailed. “The Easter bunny left them for me, but Daddy’s taking them all! Look, his basket is almost full!”

Bless her naive little heart. She couldn’t have interpreted that scene more wrongly. Which got me thinking.

How often have I sobbed over scenarios I didn’t understand? “God, don’t take my eggs! I wanted that thing, so why did the door slam shut? And that person who’s gone from my life; bring him back! You say you love me, Lord, but it feels like I’m being robbed!”

Like Olivia, my naive perspective has sometimes been off—-way off. God doesn’t rob His kids. Scripture says He wants good for us. In fact, He places thoughtful gifts—bright, hopeful ones filled with spiritual value—in full view:

“What man is there among you who, when his children ask for a loaf, will give a stone? Or if they  ask for a fish, he will not give a snake, will he? If you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in Heaven give what is good to them who ask Him?” (Matthew 7:9-11).

If you’re a Daddy’s girl—one who loves her Heavenly Father—then when life seems unfair, hang on. That failed opportunity? It wasn’t what you needed, trust me. (Better yet, trust Him.) And that person who left your life ? You’ll love and trust again, promise. God has priceless treasures in store, so get ready. Believe. And thank Him for the blessings.

Happy Resurrection Day, my sisters. He loves. He lavishes. He lives!


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One thought on “What eggs-actly are you doing, God?

  1. Mom says:

    Ava, thank you for the delightful reminder of how God loves us (me) and will give us (me) only good gifts. Using Olivia’s experience on Easter was perfect.

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