Boys, blondes, and bears (reprint)

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comToday’s topic is about boys. You need to know this because at first it won’t seem that way. Just trust me. And keep reading.

We rented a mountain cabin, and my niece was on a bear hunt. So Olivia and I searched for tracks. We listened for growls. We even prayed for one to appear, but after three days, nothing.

Vacation over, we headed down the mountain. I looked out the car window, and there in the ditch I SAW IT. Up close was the huge hiney of a…Well, you know. His head was buried in a bush, but I’d know that backside anywhere. I couldn’t breathe. Had just enough air to pant, “B-B-B-Bear!”

Brakes screeched. I smiled at our answered prayer. Then suddenly a head turned toward us. It looked into my eyes. And I thought, “How strange! I never knew bears looked like cows!”

And this, friends, is when I lived up to the blonde stereotype. To my credit, the cow’s tail wasn’t visible. Neither was the bell around its neck. And for a split second everyone in that car, brunettes included, thought BEAR, not MOO.

Have you ever suffered from mistaken identity? Specifically, have you ever thought a boy was an answer to prayer, but then the disappointing truth surfaced? If so, I’m sorry. Please know that not all boys are cows wolves in bear’s sheep’s clothing. But be careful—It’s a jungle out there! Here’s what to remember as you search for what’s real:

1)   Study scripture to see what a Godly boy looks like. It’s the key to spotting counterfeits quickly.

2)  Ask God to whisper truth in your ear. You’ll be amazed at how the Spirit will reveal, direct, and empower.

3)   Believe the real deal exists. Maybe they’re rare, but guys out there do uphold God’s standard.

4)   Know that God hears your desires. Tell Him what you’re looking for. Then in the same breath, thank Him for perfect timing.

5)   Be the kind of girl who attracts the right boy. He notices the one who honors God, respects herself, and loves others.

And when he appears—an authentic one, I mean—enjoy the blessing. Laugh! If you flirt with spinach in your teeth, Tweet it. If his truck horn sounds like “Dukes of Hazard,” sing along. And if you mistake a cow for a bear, by all means, tell the world. 🙂


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