When true love doesn’t wait

white-flower-on-black-backgroundThe guilt is tough for church girls. They didn’t see it coming, never dreamed they’d be here, feeling this. Some used to mock classmates who slept with guys. Others gushed about True Love Waits, sporting purity rings. Save sex for marriage? Well, certainly! But then, somehow, they didn’t.

Becky knows all about it. She says, “This is my story, sad but very honest.”  She describes her teen years with Christ, her involvement in ministry. But then it happened: “I got this boyfriend I thought was the best thing. Pretty soon, I was not a virgin anymore. Then from that day on I began hating myself.”

Two years later Becky still can’t shake it. Has she asked forgiveness? Oh, yes. Does she believe God is merciful? Yes again. Becky knows He “removes our sins as far as the East is from the West” (Psalm 103:12). The problem is, she hasn’t forgiven herself.

I get it, the torturous thoughts: Disappointing God, betraying yourself. Crossing a line you can never get back, wondering who you are now.

But listen to Cassie, a Godly mom who’s been there: “Initial guilt shows us what to confess. That’s a vital part of returning. Then remembering the sin keeps us from repeating it. But we don’t stay there in agonizing pain. Day by day, as we walk with God, He does heal our hearts. We mustn’t hold ourselves prisoners forever. God wants us to live in victory, with our heads raised.”

Heads raised in freedom? Absolutely:

1. The purpose of the cross is so you don’t keep paying. It actually seems ungrateful to wallow, like Christ’s one-time gift wasn’t effective enough or appreciated enough. Take the grace.

2. God has a purpose, and you haven’t ruined it. There’s a lot of life left, and He wants you to enjoy the blessings. Yes, I said enjoy. And blessings. Take the purpose.

3. God’s bigger than your sin. Can He send a husband who’ll understand your past? Can He find a way to use this for good? Yes and yes. Take the possibilities.

4. You’re not the same as before; in some ways you’re smarter: On to Satan’s ploys, sensitive to others. Salvation means something, hope is real. Take the wisdom.

Reach for your perfect future in Christ. It’s not Plan B; it’s full of Him! Pray with confidence, sing with praise, meditate on Scripture. Relief has come, restoration’s begun, and unfailing love awaits: “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me” (Psalm 51:12).


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