Dream girls

Looking through the window, I took this pic of two friends chatting.

Looking through the window, I took this pic of two friends chatting.

Picture this: A girl who’s new (or quiet or different looking) sits alone while others talk, laugh. No one sees her there. But then it happens. Someone plops down beside her, says, “Hey, I’m Brittany” or something like that. Then, “Wanna come hang with us? My friends would love to meet you.”

Or this: A girl makes bad choices. Really bad, according to former friends avoiding her, judging her, whispering behind her back. And she deserves it, right? But then it happens. A text arrives saying, “It’ll get better. We all make mistakes. I’m here, and so is the God of second chances.”

Or if you can, imagine this: A girl has it all. She’s beautiful and talented. She’s got personality, respect, humility. Who wouldn’t resent perfection like hers? Then the unthinkable happens: Other girls admire her! No jealousy, no cut downs, no wishing she’d move to Antarctica. 🙂 Just sincere compliments ’cause actually they’re all similar—flawed, forgiven, fabulous—to the One who matters.

I’m not delusional. I realize these scenarios are unlikely. I’m aware of struggles with girls, especially cliquey ones, insecure ones, backstabbing ones, fake ones. And I’ve seen their destruction.

But I also know another side, the reality that’s possible. Like when Jesus shows up and softens young hearts. And girls see themselves more confidently, more clearly. And compassion becomes real.

They do exist, these dream girls. I know a few, and each of them agrees: God does good work, starting on the inside. Kinsey says, “I used to cut down people to make myself look better. But once I learned who I was to Jesus—really special—it was easy to relax and not compare.”

Shay says, “I was never mean to anyone, but I was never especially nice, either, kind of looking the other way. After asking for new eyes, though, God showed me some lonely girls.”

What about you? Are you willing, with God’s help, to rise above the mean crowd? It takes just one brave girl, you know, to see with compassionate eyes. Or speak with courageous words. Or fill a whole room—and someone’s  hurting heart—with the kind, sweet hope of Jesus.


“Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.” (Ephesians 4:2)


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3 thoughts on “Dream girls

  1. Lara S says:

    Agree with all you wrote…and it never ends, in fact we need each other, as parts of the Body, to take care of each other every day. I’ve been going to the same church for six years – and have made no connections, despite trying. Because no one will come out of their bubble. Everyone is nice on Wednesdays and Sundays – and genuine! – but The rest of the week, it’s me alone, no calls, no community, no fellowship. If I was younger or if I was a weak Christian, I would have walked away. We have to reach out. I know I’m not the only very lonely person in that building.

    • lower case b says:

      i’m sorry you feel lonely. you’ve always been so kind to me. there have been times when i noticed your smile and it made a difference. i’m sorry i never told you that. it’s not fair to always be the one giving out smiles and never ever seeing one that makes your day. one that makes a difference to you. i’ll practice mine in the mirror lara, so that the next time i see you, my thoughts about how kind i think you are, will show through. if it looks scary, don’t judge.

  2. pam hinote says:

    Thanks for sharing…
    Sad thing is I have been hurt many times by mean women. Those mean girls grow up to become mean women if they don’t allow God to change their heart. The saddest part…most of them I met in Gods house.:(

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