A purely personal manger

nativity oneOver two thousand Christmases ago, He saw you. You specifically, first name (insert here) _____ and last name (same) _____. It’s mind blowing, this thought of time travel and future knowing, but no need to figure it out. After all, He’s God. And He knows your every need.

He’s always known our needs. So about the time BC became AD, Jesus visited earth. To be sure, some shepherds sought Him desperately. So did Mary and Joseph and all the players of Team Nativity. Suddenly there they were, huddled around a baby. What a sweet display that first Christmas!

But wait a minute: You’re  included too, right? Did Christ come for you as well, securing a modern-day rescue in Bethlehem? Did He love you personally that first hectic night? Oh, yes; He knew your face already, understood your desires.

So guess what? You, a Jesus-loving girl of 2012, are cordially invited to the age-old manger of promise:  If you worship Him, you belong there. (My friend, by the way, takes this thought literally. For years she’s wanted to add her own cardboard cut-out to the church’s nativity. Last week she started again: “He came for me too, so I should be there! Just prop me up between Baby Jesus and a sweet smellin’ wise man….”)

What a timely gift He brought you, snuggled in that hay!  What a purely personal treasure! He’s the Suffering Servant understanding your pain. He’s the Great Physician healing your heart.  He’s the Good Shepherd guiding your way. Hallelujah to intimate God! Hallelujah to the Savior!

Want to join me at the manger this Christmas? There’s plenty of room for more, especially a girl He’s known for years forever. We’ll smile with Mary, thanking Him for miracles. We’ll pray with Joseph, trusting God’s plan. And we’ll kneel with shepherds, praising what He’s done: “I have come as Light into the world so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness” (John 12:46).

Merry Christmas, worthy daughter! The Light has come for you


“The Word [Jesus] gave life to everything that was created,and His life brought light to everyone.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”   

(John 1:4-5)


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One thought on “A purely personal manger

  1. Kathy says:

    Yes indeed He did – I love the idea of adding cut outs -I might surprise the family -they may find themselves (pictures ) tucked in the Nativity this year. Merry CHRISTmas !

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