Avoiding Mr. Wrong

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mr. Wrong. Wait, this doesn’t sound right. 🙂 Actually, I’ve been thinking about girls who cry over cruel boys, inattentive boys, manipulative boys, ungodly boys. I’ve wondered why perfectly intelligent girls attach to them, love them, hang on for too long.

And then I remembered my own Mr. Wrong. He was exciting at first—interested in me, nice to me. But the story was set for disaster: When a girl wants to feel pretty, to have a social life, to grab any hint of happily ever after, any boy might do. (Even a bad one, and especially a Prince Charming poser!)

Please hear this: Father God has beautiful plans for you, and none of them include even five minutes with Mr. Wrong. That’s where insecurity lives, compromise thrives, and memories haunt.

Keep reading, little sister. Several friends are joining me for a crash course in avoiding running like the wind from harmful guys. Take notes, and save yourself some heartache:

Ann saysMr. Wrong: He makes you doubt yourself, change yourself, or hate yourself. Mr. Right: None of these, ever. He’s secure like that.

Natasha says—Mr.Wrong: He’s the center of your world. He wants to be your everything, and you let him be. Mr. Right: God is his center, and he wants the same for you. He’s spiritually solid like that.

Kellie says—Mr. Wrong: He makes weak excuses, then you defend him when friends or family ask questions. Mr. Right: No excuses are necessary because he’s hardworking and respectful. He’s honorable like that.

Marisol saysMr. Wrong: He keeps a tally of your mess-ups or breakdowns, then uses them to shame you. Mr. Right: He smiles as God transforms you, then encourages with words and actions. He’s supportive like that.

Deborah says—Mr. Wrong: He can’t decide if he wants to be with you. He’s back and forth and keeps you guessing. Mr. Right: He’s all in and not afraid to tell you or show you consistently. He’s committed like that.

How ya feeling, little sis? Armed and ready to keep bad boys away? Nodding ‘cause you’ve dated one? Or deflated ’cause you’re dating him now? Whatever the case, here’s sweet truth: God, the perfect Mr. Right, offers wisdom, strength, newness and hope. He’ll keep you on the right path or help you exit the wrong one. Ask Him. Then trust Him. He’s faithful like that.


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2 thoughts on “Avoiding Mr. Wrong

  1. mary says:

    A true prince charming will respect your future husband or himself and put off his high hormones until marriage! He will honor you and will honor your family. He will love God more than himself and put him first in everything he does! He will love you and adore you like Christ loves his church! If he loves your mom you know he is the right one! Hehe…

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