Where the heart is

Blurred for privacy, obviously, but these are some of the precious index cards that precious young ladies share with me each week.

Ever wonder what growing girls are thinking? Spiritually speaking, I mean. What happens when young women take this faith thing and go for it, pursuing intimacy with their Lord? There’s no telling how prayers might change, priorities would transform. And there’s no telling what God could do with youthful, healthy hearts.

I know a few ladies growing like weeds lilies of the field. Every week they write out thoughts on index cards. Sometimes they ask for prayer. Lately, some pretty mature requests have leapt off those cards. Here are a few they’ve agreed to share in hopes you are encouraged and inspired:

  • “I’m going to pray good things for people I don’t like. I’ve done this before, and it changed my attitude. I grew to really love them!”
  • “Jesus is good! I have been so full of love, grace and peace, and it is wonderful. Please pray for me to continue growing in the Lord.”
  • “I have been praying for peace, constantly reminding myself that God is in control, and all I need to do is completely trust Him.”
  • “Please pray for my dad. He works hard and deserves so much more than life has given him. He has done everything for me.”
  • “I pray for girls who don’t know their Godly value, who always depend on guys to tell them who they are. They need Jesus.”

Not bad for teenagers, huh? These index cards are spiritual growth charts that humble me, bring me to my knees in thanksgiving. Last Monday, I asked them to write what the Lord is showing them through prayer and Bible study. Here are a few more heart peeks:

  • “Jesus has taught me about love, timing, and trust. I also realize I need to be humble and to care for others because Jesus cares for me.”
  • “God has removed a distracting desire. It’s been so much easier to focus and get excited about what He’ll do with each of my days!”
  •  “God has shown me I need to refocus, to quit being selfish and to think about others. I’m going to stop throwing myself pity parties.”
  • “I want to find quiet time with Jesus. I want genuine devotion, nothing selfish. I want to recognize opportunities to praise Him.”
  • “God is showing me I don’t have to do everything on my own. He wants me to reach out, and He will provide people to help me.”

Thanks to God for this new generation of growing hearts: Tender, transparent, seeking, finding. Moving to the rhythm of their Maker, bringing hope to the world. Beat on, my little sisters. Beat on.


“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Psalm 51:10


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