Boxed in

There’s been talk about boxes lately. Wherever I go, someone’s thinking outside of one. Or stuck inside one. From what I can tell, girls in general don’t like them. (Unless, of course, there’s jewelry inside.)

Case in point, here’s a Facebook post from today: “I’m so tired of fitting into this tiny box. I’m me. I don’t fit between the lines.”

Good news, my frustrated, forced-to-conform friend: God’s not fond of it, either. Look at these Jesus followers who not only got out of the box but kicked the cardboard to smithereens:

John the Baptist—Think “Caveman” preacher around proper, law-abiding priests. You think he stood out wearing camel hair, eating locusts?

Lottie Moon—Rich girls in the 1800’s enjoyed life. Who in their right minds gave up everything (including marriage) to be a missionary?

Bethany Hamilton—A teen surfer found herself limited after losing an arm. Now a professional, she’s writing new rules in surfing.

Sure, Christians are supposed to look different from the world. But do you realize we can also look different from each other? Granted, we should all mirror Jesus in honoring God, loving others. We should want to be holy, every one of us. But how we do these things? No one generic box can hold the possibilities.

If you’re a tad different—if you don’t “fit between the lines”—then maybe it’s divine. Maybe your individual passion, talent, or background is for a specific reason: To uniquely share the unique Savior. For sure, this is no routine, “tiny box” task. It’s bustin’ out with newness, with life!

As for my sisters who live happily inside the lines, who enjoy their familiar, cushy boxes: At some point, you’ll get a nudge to move. When this happens, do it with confidence, with excitement! Breaking out helps you grow, and it glorifies God’s plan. Just be sure, though, that He initiates it. No box jumping (promise?) because someone says you should or because you’re bored. When it’s time to jump, He’ll provide the boost.

Let me pray for you, free-spirited and obedient Jesus follower. Whether you’re boxed in or breaking out, here’s what I ask: “Lord, help your worthy daughter to embrace her uniqueness. Show her the beauty of trusting you, not man’s expectations. Give her a tender heart that loves you deeply, hears you clearly. Reveal your exciting, tailor-made purpose and how to pursue it, one jump at a time.”


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