It’s all about the name

Our Creator God showing off with a Pensacola Beach sunrise. Beautiful!

God’s good, y’all! That’s how we describe Him here in the South. Well, that’s one way. Sometimes we say He’s “showing off,” like when a sunrise blows up the sky. My neighbor prays to “Sweet Jesus.” And my grandma, an Alabama native, calls on “the good Lord” a lot. Bless her little heart. 🙂

When you pray, whom are you addressing? In your mind, is He good? Do you bow before Someone who’s strong but kind, huge but intimate, majestic but approachable? I hope so, ‘cause anything less sells Him short. And it sells you short as His child.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Bible heroes had a pretty good handle on the Great I AM. He was Holy God—in Hebrew it was “Yahweh”—but they used other terms, too. Sometimes they took a personality trait and called Him that instead. Confused? Think of it as a nickname, like a smart kid going by “Einstein,” even though his name is Fred.

Tell you what: Let’s check out some pretty cool Old Testament names for God. Then let’s use them in prayers to show His relevance (and goodness) for today’s worthy daughters:

1. El Roi—“the God who sees.” (Genesis 16:13-14).

Prayer: You are El Roi, Father. You see me! I’m not tiny and unimportant. You notice when I wake up, when I laugh. And when I cry. The world is big and loud, but I am significant in El Roi’s eyes.

2. Yahweh Rapha—“the God who heals.” (Exodus 15:26)

Prayer: I need you, Yahweh Rapha. My heart is wounded, and my spirit is crushed. Please soothe my hurts and protect me from bitterness or shame. I believe your power and praise my Healer, Yahweh Rapha.

3. Yahweh Jireh—“God will provide.” (Genesis 22:11-14)

Prayer: I have needs, too many to count, but you are Yahweh Jireh. Thank you, God, for being faithful. I’m clueless about solving these struggles, but you aren’t. You have a plan, and you will provide. Yahweh Rapha, I trust you.

4. Adonai—“Lord.” (Exodus 4:10-12)

Prayer: You are everything, my Adonai. I often fall short, allowing things to distract me, but know that my heart is toward you. My greatest desire is to love you, enjoy you, and follow you. What a privilege, my Adonai!

Wow, is all I can say. This was the God they served! He’s still the same for you: Holy, Attentive, Healing, Providing. And hopefully, LORD. It’s good news, y’all! And thank you, thank you, Sweet Jesus.


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