New girl

She was a breath of fresh air at Bible study. New girl! It’s always good to pull up another chair, hear an inspiring story. And she definitely had one.

Within thirty minutes, Keaundrea looked at the unfamiliar faces and got real: “Please pray for my basketball team. Some of the girls don’t know Jesus, and I really want them to meet Him.”

Oh, so she was that kind of new girl…. A saved one. Okay, that’s good. A devoted one. Wow, even better. And a soul winning power house? Slam dunk for Sister Keaundrea!

But as I learned later, it wasn’t always that way. You see, she used to be a basketball player first, a Christian second (or third or fourth). Here’s what she says about the Old Keaundrea:

I used to find my identity in something other than Jesus, and that was basketball. How I felt about myself was based upon my basketball performance. It had control over me. To everyone on the outside it seemed like I had it all together, but on the inside I was struggling.”

Okay, it’s me again. Question: How does someone go from struggling with who she is to finding God-given purpose? I’ll tell you this much: Whatever changes a girl’s heart from Who Am I? to I Am His, sign me up! (Well, technically I signed up long ago and have been pleased—overjoyed, actually—with the spiritual makeover. How about you?)

One thing’s for sure: Somewhere between Keaundrea the Struggling and Keaundrea Much Improved, a burden lifted. A focus sharpened. A beautiful purpose was revealed. How? Simply put, she got a new fire in her belly:

 “As a senior in high school, God radically captured me. He defined me and gave me a purpose. My heart now beats for Him and His people. My deepest desire is for people of all walks of life to be set free as I was. My prayer is to help those starving for acceptance, desperate for love, and in need of purpose.”

So where’s the New Girl now? I’m happy to say she’s graduated college and taken on fulltime ministry. Oh, and basketball’s still hanging around—She’s coaching a team of girls. I wonder how long till they hear about Jesus…. I give it thirty minutes.


“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.” Luke 10:2


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