Walking through the new

I was honored to speak with young women at a local high school’s Freshman Day. Please join me in praying that God equips them for this new adventure.

They’re high school freshmen—Well, just days away from official status—but I’ve seen that same face on twenty year olds: Smiles air tight but eyes spelling F-E-A-R. “Who’s pumped about the first day of school?” I ask upbeat-like, making it seem fun. But they aren’t buying. “Okay, so who’s a little nervous?” Nail-bitten hands shoot to the sky.

Freaked-out freshmen, I so get it. (How about you, twenty year olds?) The uncertainty, the insecurities. The whispers behind those plastered smiles wondering, “Can I do this? And if I can’t, will anyone notice?” It’s the Fear of New. And it’s not new at all.

From the beginning, God’s specialty has been fresh starts. Fresh and scary. Take Noah, for example. A nice old guy puttering through life, and then, huh? Build a what? For how many animals? That’s quite a new concept. But in the end refreshing.

Or when David became king. A stinky boy with herds of sheep, and then, pardon me? Put on a crown? That’s intimidating. But, come to think of it, necessary.

Daughters of any age, God grows us in the new. That is, if we let Him. So whether you’re facing a new school, goal, dorm, or job, here’s how to kick fear and get confidence—real confidence through Christ:

1)    Be okay with uncertainty. (If you don’t like this one, I’m definitely talking to you! :)) A new path is intentionally unclear so we’ll rely on God. It’s called trust, and it’s never strengthened more than when we’re unsure.

2)     Look for His familiar Face. Expect the presence of God at every corner. Maybe it’s a stranger giving directions. Or calm when you’d usually crumble. These aren’t coincidences. These are tender God moments as He walks you through the new.

3)    Build a powerful history. The best you know how, give Him this one fresh challenge. Then do it again. And again. Can you imagine your adventurous self with years of “God, take this new thing” behind you? The peace you’d have? ‘Cause God would show up every time. And you’d know it going in.

I’m praying for you, new timers. Pray for yourselves. And each other. Now go with excitement, knowing that God’s all about fresh starts. Especially this one.


“Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth. Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19


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