Boys, blondes, and bears–oh, my!

Today’s topic is about boys. You need to know this because, well, at first it won’t seem that way. It’s not about hair, really, or bears. Definitely not bears. Just trust me. And keep reading.

We rented a mountain cabin, and before the suitcases were unpacked, Olivia was on a bear hunt. I could relate. As a kid, no visit to Tennessee was complete without a bear sighting. (Forget Dollywood or watching soap being made—Not kidding. This is an actual tourist attraction.)

So Olivia and I searched the mud for tracks. We listened for growls. Truth be told, we even prayed for a Black Bear surprise. But after three days, nothing. Kinda sad.

Vacation over, we headed down the mountain. I looked out the car window. And there in the brush I SAW IT.

Up close, to my right, was the huge hiney of a black…Well, you know. His head was buried in a bush, but I’d know that backside anywhere. I couldn’t breathe. Had just enough air to pant, “B-B-B-Bear!”

Brakes screeched, with every face pressed to the window. I could almost touch the strong back. Could almost smell his majestic aura—especially the rear end parts. I smiled at our answered prayer. “Ain’t God good?” I thought.

Then suddenly the beast’s head turned toward us. It looked squarely into my eyes. And I thought, “How weird! I never realized that bears look so much like cows!”

And this, friends, is when I knew there’s something to the clueless blonde thing. To my credit, the bear/cow’s tail wasn’t visible. Neither was the bell around his neck (Okay, just kidding about the bell.) And for a split second everyone in that car, brunettes included, thought BEAR, not MOO.

So how does a bear story relate to you? Well, have you ever searched for something desperately? And then found it, only to learn you were mistaken?

If so, I’m sorry, especially if the “something” you wanted was a good boyfriend. A Godly one. Please know that not all boys are cows wolves in bear’s sheep’s clothing. But be careful—It’s a jungle out there! Here’s what to remember in the search for what’s real:

1)   Learn what a genuine, Godly boy looks like. That way, you’ll spot counterfeits quickly.

2)   Believe that the real deal exists. Maybe they’re rare, but God still reigns in young men’s hearts.

3)   Know that God hears your desires. Tell Him what you’re looking for. Then in the same breath, give thanks for His perfect timing and protection.

4)   Ignore the pressure to find a boy quickly or hang on too long. Obsessing will drain you, affect self-esteem, and set you up for second best.

5)   Keep your sense of humor. Dating is just plain awkward; lighten up. 🙂 If you flirt with spinach in your teeth, it’ll make a great story. If your date’s car horn sounds like “Dukes of Hazard,” sing along. And if you mistake a cow for a bear, write a blog about it. A real blonde would approve.


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