Desperate times, a good thing

Ellie’s having trouble with a word. It was used to describe a woman needing Jesus—A prostitute, most likely, who clung to the Savior, staining His dirty feet with her tears. The reason for her worshipful weeping? Desperation. And Ellie’s bothered by this term.

She wrote, “I’m confused. Being desperate sounds so negative! When you think of it, nothing good follows a desperate act. Not sure if believers fit this word. Are we supposed to be desperate?”

I see Ellie’s point. Desperate people have big problems and can do some wacky stuff. When they’re struggling, frightened, or hurt, things get reckless. Who knows what can happen with their backs against the wall?

For one, a desperate person might abandon her hopeless way of life. As in, walk away. Crazy as it seems, she might believe—fully believe, not just suspect—that Jesus is the answer. And she’ll risk popularity, habits, and comfort to follow Him completely. She’ll trade old for new. Defeat for victory. Apathy for purpose. That’s reckless desperation, for sure! (Right?)

Another thing about a desperate girl: You’ll find her near the cross. Not literally, but it’s on her mind. The thing is, she remembers life before it: Worthless, frustrating, dark. She needed this cross and the One who conquered it. So when she visits—in her head, in her heart—thankfulness comes in tears and smiles. Is she desperate, as in troubled? No way. Is she desperate, as in grateful? Always.

Oh, and the questions! Every desperate person I know has questions. And a spiritual sister who’s desperate for answers? Forget about it: She digs and asks and thinks and listens. She craves Bible truth like water. Heck, like a rushing mountain stream! And that’s right where God wants her—Desperate for His words, confident of His wisdom.

All in all, I guess I’m okay with being desperate for God. To me, it means reliance. Or a deep desire. Or any other word meaning I’m nothing without Him and everything with Him. Three things, though, are certain: I’m desperate to know Him better. I’m desperate to give Him glory. And, above all, I’m desperate for others to find Him.


As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. ~Psalm 42:1-2a


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2 thoughts on “Desperate times, a good thing

  1. lower case b says:

    i hear it’s gonna be worth it…

    now around every corner
    and up every mountain
    i’m not looking for crowns
    or the water from fountains
    i’m DESPERATE in seeking, frantic believing
    That the sight of Your face
    Is all that I need

  2. Beth H says:

    Ava ~ we closed our Bible study Monday evening talking about this blog. Perfect ending for discussion of the breathtaking beauty of Jesus (from The Organic God). This may be the most tender thoughts God has led you to write, friend.

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