Sand dollar special

Today is beach day, which means sand dollar hunting. It’s a rare find, that fragile coin in the surf. But when one appears? Pure bliss! It’s God’s perfect gift, a special “Hello there, sweetheart. I made this just for you.”

The water is clear, calm, sand dollar prime. And the very second—the SECOND!—I look down, there it is: Small but in one piece, cute as a button. So I scoop it up and get cocky: “Hey, Sand Dollar. Who’s your mama? You’re gonna be a blog, little guy, a tale of ‘Seek and You’ll Find.’ Or ‘Rewards for the Good Girl.’ We’re going places, you and me….”

So that’s Blog Idea #1: Finding the Good Stuff.

Minutes later, though, I lose the little guy. Just floats from my hand, like air. Okay, the new blog topic needs tweaking. Maybe a post on pride. Or problems with perfection. Or savoring blessings while they last—’cause some won’t last forever. God, I like this thought!

Blog Idea #2: Holding on to the Good Stuff.

An hour passes.  I walk along the water’s edge, and as a wave rushes in, I see it—another sand dollar, a BIG one white as snow. It’s round and perfect and swirling at my feet. Oh, God, you create second chances! You shower me with grace when I least expect it. When I don’t deserve it! And I’m so very thankful.

Blog Idea #3: Getting Way Better Stuff than You Imagined.

“Catching” this new discovery requires lightning speed. There’s a quick hand plunge, bringing up water, sand and treasure. Then I realize the cost of my sudden grab: This beautiful sand dollar—my second chance, the bigger/better gift than before—has cracked down the middle. It’s useless now. Right?

After all, I don’t want something broken. For years I’ve walked this beach, passing up hundreds of chipped sand dollars. They aren’t on my radar, aren’t special or pristine. And now here I stand, staring at an almost-blessing gone wrong.

My husband sees the whole thing. He says, “You’re not throwing that away, are you? Just because there’s a crack? You should take it home, get some glue. It’ll be good as new.”

Blog Idea #4 (My favorite, actually): When Broken Stuff is Treasured

Thank you, Father, for sticking with me–For restoring beauty, for sealing the cracks. You won’t throw me away, not ever; I’m valuable in your eyes. Good as new, in fact, through the gift of Jesus. And so is every fragile heart that waits to be found.


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3 thoughts on “Sand dollar special

  1. teresa says:

    I love looking for shells~my ‘dream’ has always been to find a sand dollar. I know who I am taking next time:) very timely words….thank you

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