A heartfelt “hey”

Sometimes a baby speaks truth. Sometimes a teacher gets schooled. This is that kind of story.

Elizabeth is a beautiful artist who’s thoughtful and smart. And as of April 12, she’s a bona fide Christ follower. (Smiles here, people. She’s found purpose. She’s found hope!) So now begins those first exciting but wobbly steps of faith—growing time.

She asked me for help, to show her where to go grow from here. And so I met Elizabeth at the pinnacle of spiritual truth—Starbucks. 🙂 Over a couple of Mocha Lattes, we started with the basics. Prayer came up pretty quickly. After all, doesn’t every daughter—especially a new child of Christ—want to chat with her Father?

“Have you been talking with God?” I asked between sips of creamy bliss. “Are you praying during the day?”

Now, I know prayer can be awkward for young believers. What a foreign concept, speaking to an invisible God about something He already knows. Strange, to say the least. (Strange but invigorating, rewarding and necessary.)

So I fully expected Elizabeth to answer, “No, it’s too weird right now. I’ll ease into it eventually.” But she didn’t. Instead, she smiled and said, “Yeah, I’m talking to God. He and I are friends, right? So every morning I make a point to say, ‘Hey.’”

I was stumped for a second. What a short little prayer! And this particular one intrigued me.


“Hey, God. I’m here.

“Hey, you’re right here with me.”


If you’re from the South like Elizabeth and me, you know the intimacy of  “Hey.” It’s a familiar, cozy greeting for someone you know. Someone you care about. “Hey” for us has two syllables, not one, and the longer it’s drawn out, the warmer the greeting. It’s friendly and comfortable and sweet.


For Elizabeth, it’s the perfect prayer for now, because just one word says tons. She’s getting it, this spiritual baby, comprehending the need to acknowledge God. To begin a relationship. To feel Him in the room.

I left Starbucks full of caffeine and inspiration. Here was Elizabeth, new kid on the block, reminding me of prayer’s tender roots. It’s just that easy, isn’t it, to connect with Father God? To start with what you know, a simple hello for the One who simply loves you? And to understand that before long, spiritual babies grow into chatty toddlers who develop into praying giants?

I hope she never loses the sincerity of that prayer. I pray she always feels Him in the room. And for all of us, from newborns to mature believers, may we never forget the beauty of a heartfelt “Hey.”


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