The beautiful mirror of truth

Yes, this is me. Yes, I realize the cheesiness of the photo. And yes, this is my real mirror. 🙂

Every so often, it’s time for a girl-in-the-mirror pep talk. And this is the kinda weird part: I’m referring to a literal conversation, sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud. It’s serious business, this empowering chat. It has to be. ‘Cause life’s stressful. ‘Cause my heart hurts. ‘Cause it’s nice to function as Strong Ava, Jesus Follower (instead of Crybaby Ava, the Complainer Who Annoys Me).

Does the girl in your own mirror need a pick-me-up? Maybe she’s anxious, wondering how it’ll all turn out. Maybe she’s insecure, believing the world’s lies. Or perhaps she’s had a really bad day. Trust me when I say this, worthy daughters: It’s always pep talk time.

In seventh grade, a boy decided my frizzy curly hair was “like barbed wire.” Hurt feelings? Oh, yeah. And sheer horror too, since he announced my deformity to the entire class. (Remember the brutality of seventh grade? Don’t you ache for Puberty Stricken Ava?) That night, after a hopeful shampoo with Smooth and Silky, I stood at the mirror grumbling. And at that moment, a Bible verse from childhood popped into my head: “I will praise you, Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works; my soul knows full well” (Psalm 139:14).

Praise Him? The Creator of wire hair like this? But that’s what God said to do. So I grabbed some paper, then wrote the verse. Taped it to my mirror, even. Each morning after that, while brushing and styling, I said the verse aloud. Before long, I’d tweaked it a little, pep talk style: “I’m praising you, Lord, for this hair on my head. I’m praising you for Smooth and Silky, praising you for tight ponytails. You say I’m made with awe and wonder. Me! Awesome and Wonderful Ava, thanks to you. Marvelous is your creation, Lord. My soul knows it, you know it, this hair is gonna KNOW IT!”

Fast forward a few decades. Thank goodness for inventions like hair gel and flat irons. But other things have come up since then, more damaging blows like doubt and shame and fear. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, the enemy whispers some pretty nasty things. He thinks I’ll buy what he’s selling. He thinks I’ll forget who I am. But he’s wrong.

‘Cause through the years, I’ve clung to Truth. ‘Cause in my heart, God’s Word lives. ‘Cause by His wounds I’m healed.

No matter what the world throws my way—no matter how the enemy twists my circumstance—no matter when the insecurities try to resurrect—I know this to be real: God is my Father, the One who gives me love. Jesus is my Savior, the One who gives me hope. The Spirit is my joy, the One who gives me strength. And all this goodness, well, it gives me goosebumps. It’s the Truth, Baby! Available for me–and you.

So, are you kicking the enemy’s lies to the curb? Have you embraced the soothing relief of Truth? There’s amazing promise in Christ and in your beautiful reflection of Him. It’s worth a look. A daily one, actually. And maybe even a pep talk or two.

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One thought on “The beautiful mirror of truth

  1. Kathy says:

    So true Ava, I surprise myself how quickly I
    Listen to negative when I know I’m made marvelously in His site (well ok maybe I do have some control over the 25 extra pounds-not getting into that right now)
    On my way to have a little ‘pep talk’ with post-it notes in hand.
    As a bonus I think if I place them just right -they will cover up the finger prints -saving me from cleaning It
    Thanks for the reminder -Our God is an awesome God !

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