Happy, happy, joy, joy

Hello there, worthy daughters! So glad you’ve stopped by for some encouragement. It’s been a hectic week here, but no matter what goes on, guess who’s large and in charge? The Creator who knows my name (and yours). Ahhh….He promises to hold us up and help us out. I don’t know about you, but I’m relying on Him to come through. And you know what? He always–ALWAYS–does.

One of my new favorite running songs is Jamie-Grace’s “Hold Me.” It’s bouncy, perfect for my pitiful non-athletic self around mile four. 🙂 Thought I’d share it with you, just in case you’re in need of a happy reminder. I hope you know the Father who holds all His girls in a big ole, loving grip. If you don’t, message me. Knowing Him and the joy He brings will make the dreariest day better. Promise.

See you next week for the usual blog entry. In the meantime, sing along with Jamie-Grace and me. Trust me, the “oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh” in the chorus WILL get stuck in your head. You’ve been warned, my joyful sister. 🙂

“I still belong to You; You hold my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny. Whom have I in heaven but You? I desire You more than anything on earth. My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever.” (Psalm 73:23-26)


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