Singing sister

I’m not a church choir person. This might sound bad coming from a Christian blogger, but it’s the sad truth. Whenever those saints belt out a song, I try to listen, really I do. It’s just that the words can be tough to decipher, and the music is often slow (My clapping hands prefer it fast). The biggest challenge, though, is each singer’s facial expression. I’m both mesmerized and distracted: Closed eyes, smiling mouth, falling tears. What is she thinking? Is God real to him? I must know!

Last Sunday was no different. That is, until my husband poked me and whispered, “Is Diana in the choir? Upper row, far right? Looks like her, don’t you think?” And so I squinted to see a petite blonde chirping like a bird in the nosebleed section.

Diana, one of my college students from weekly Bible study. Diana the Russian beauty. The nursing major. Diana the Jesus follower. Suddenly, here was a choir’s selection I could get into—yep, I knew what this songbird was thinking!

The first stanza began. Ah, good, a familiar tune, familiar words. Diana joined the others. I watched her smile, knowing full well she was feeling it:

We will remember, we will remember,
We will remember the works of Your hands.
We will stop and give you praise,
For great is Thy faithfulness.

 At this point, I thought about her prayer request last week. A close friend just received  a terrible diagnosis. So tragic, and yet Diana trusts a Sovereign God with a perfect plan. Thinking about heartache and hope, I heard these words pass her lips:

You’re our creator, our life sustainer,
Deliverer, our comfort, our joy.
Throughout the ages, You’ve been our shelter,
Our peace in the midst of the storm.

Sing it, sister! He is our peace! And worthy to be praised, always. That’s our focus this term in Bible study: Continuous praise of the Father’s character, regardless of circumstance. No whining for now, no complaints about boys or school or jobs—just adoration for who He is and will always be. Woah, did you hear that? The choir must have been reading my mind:

Hallelujah, hallelujah,
To the one from whom all blessings flow.
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
To the one whose glory has been shown.

 By the time the second “hallelujah” was sung, the entire congregation was on its feet. Apparently, everyone had zoned in on Diana’s joyous face! 🙂 We sang along to the last stanza, believers united in a Savior who’s faithful. Forever. With tears in my eyes for the Dianas in the room—young sisters who follow and cling and grow—I chimed in, choir-style. Oh, Lord, may they (and I) always sing these words:

I still remember the day You saved me,
       The day I heard You call out my name.
You said You loved me and would never leave me,
And I’ve never been the same.


 Praise the LORD.

Praise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens.

 Praise Him for His acts of power; praise Him for His surpassing greatness.

Praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet, the harp and lyre, with timbrel and dancing, the strings and pipe, the clash of cymbals, with resounding cymbals.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.

Psalm 150:1-6


3 thoughts on “Singing sister

  1. Laura Corder says:

    Love this! I worked with Diana in the nursery at Olive and LOVED being around her always! She showed Christ in everything she did and it made me so happy to see her 3 years later recently and see that same smiling face that was living for Jesus! 🙂 thanks for posting this Ava!

  2. Lisa (@moretobe) says:

    This is such a beautiful story, one many of us can identity with — in being distracted by the choir until we realize we know the soul that sings worship unto Him.

    I’m not sure how I’ve stumbled upon your blog, but I am so glad I did. I am also in ministry with teen through twenty-something gals. I look forward to seeing you again in the blogosphere.


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