Finding a daughter’s heart

A Daughter's Heart: Falling in Love with the Father

I know you’re out there. Please, tell me you’re out there! :)Somewhere, a young woman wants to know her God. Not know about Him—that’s a whole different thing, you see. Lots of people, even those who don’t believe, comprehend the basics. No, this girl craves more. She wants to hear Him, see Him, honor Him, love Him. She craves a relationship so intimate that she looks like Christ. Are you this girl? Would you like to be?

Oh, I hope so. I hope you’re floored—in a good way—that God wants your heart, as well as your head. He wants your hands, feet, tongue, dreams. And He doesn’t just want them on Sunday. Are you amazed that He—God!—even cares? I’m still smiling in beautiful disbelief, but it’s true: The eternal Creator is interested in a girl who looks like you in the mirror. He really loves her. And His greatest desire is for her to love Him back.

That’s some big ole love right there. And you, I’m praying, intend to grab this gift of relationship and hold on tight. You suspect there’s more to God than following rules or reciting prayers. There’s more to faith than being good so good stuff comes your way. Or being good so bad stuff never happens. For you, the privilege of knowing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit takes your breath away. That’s the prize. And you want in!

Two years ago during church, an idea popped into my head: “The answer to every young woman’s struggle is simple: Know God. When she understands just how big and loving and sovereign her Father is, everything else falls into place.” In that moment, A Daughter’s Heart was conceived.

So for the next ten months, a Bible study about knowing God was written. It was a different kind of focus, for sure, since I put aside the struggles of self-esteem, peer pressure, or dating. Nope, no problems to unravel here. Just a blazing spotlight on the One who deserves the attention. Just an humble attempt to explain our Heavenly Father, in hopes that some of His light would reflect back on us. That we’d snuggle up (and bow down) to His warmth, wanting to know this God who first loved us.

Which brings me back to the first question: Are you the young woman God is searching for? The one whose heart is turned toward Him? Or, at the very least, the one who’s considering it? Because He’s looking for a devoted young woman. I sure hope He finds you: “For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose hearts are completely His” (2 Chronicles 16:9).


A Daughter’s Heart: Falling in Love with the Father is a six week Bible study for high school and college ladies. For more details, visit or view the link on Amazon:


One thought on “Finding a daughter’s heart

  1. Jenn Troupe says:

    I do want to know God, not just about Him. When I have my quiet time with God, I ask Him to reveal more of Himself to me. Yet it the Bible is difficult to understand. Just reading it doesn’t help me. Though I’ve been saved for 5 years, I was raised in church. A couple weeks ago I committed my life back to God, and it’s been a yo-yo effect… I am that girl who wants to know her God, not just about Him. Will you pray for me, and is there something I can pray for you about too?

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