Summer school with Jesus

We’re halfway through Summer 2011, a glorious time of sunshine, friends, and road trips. Are you lovin’ it? I sure am. My favorite part is taking a break from the regular routine—sleeping later, eating more (Okay, this is probably not a good thing), and stressing less. Ah, the good life!

There’s a hidden danger in these summer waters, though: Taking a break from quality time with the Savior. If we’re not careful, lazy weeks of unopened Bibles and unbowed heads can result in flabby spiritual muscles. And in my experience, you wouldn’t believe how fast a well-toned heart can turn into selfish, sinful mush!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, Summer 2011 is proving to be a pumped-up, Spirit-filled adventure for many young women. They’ve been diving in the Word, swimming in His Truth, and visiting new levels of fellowship you wouldn’t believe! I can’t begin to explain what Jesus has taught them since June, so I’ve asked them to do it for me. Here, in their own words, are some sweet students of the Son:

Emily: I’ve been struggling with something I thought I was super strong in, and then it’s almost like God said, “Not without me!” He brought me to my knees to show me I can’t get through this situation or life without Him! I should give Him my heart and dreams completely and leave everything to Him, knowing that no matter what happens I’ll be okay because my God has my back! When I realized this, it was so very freeing!

Bekka: Everything I do or don’t do is connected to my relationship with God. I never got this before! The friends I’m hanging with, what they’re doing—what I’m doing—it’s not separate from my faith. God showed me this because He has great stuff to tell me, show me, GIVE me, but it didn’t happen until all parts of my life lined up with His plan. After a month of living 24/7 with Him, let me tell you: It’s way better than before, I promise!

Isabella:  Things have been different lately, certainly for the better, just a little painful. It has been a time of silence and listening–REALLY listening, a few tears, then growing, then more listening. I’m realizing that not everything is as safe or settled as it once was. However, I am beginning to take more responsibility, leadership and initiative. So this has been such a great growing season and it is necessary to be all God has for me to be!

Kelly: Here’s what God has been up to in my life: Showing me that I CAN’T do everything on my own. I need His provision instead of trying to make it on my own.

Carly: God has done so much, from opening my eyes to the beauty of Messianic Judaism to showing me how to set boundaries in my relationships, to calling me to lead a Bible study. 🙂 I am growing so much – it’s great! I have NEVER loved Jesus more than now!

How about you, worthy daughter? Since summer began, have you experienced a deeper relationship with the One who adores you? Does your heart beat closer with His than ever? If so, then leave a comment to encourage your sisters. If not, then let me encourage you to give it a try (And honestly, if you belong to Him, then close family ties are a big deal). The Father has some beautiful truths just for you, and there’s nothing sweeter than hearing and applying those intimate, loving words of wisdom.

“Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment” (Proverbs 4:7).


2 thoughts on “Summer school with Jesus

  1. Jordan Smith says:

    i can attest to God’s work this summer. Learning to lean on Him for everything…and i mean everything; learning how to rest without being idle; learning to be stretched; learning patience; seeking His will and submitting to it (NOT EASY!)…it’s been tough and a daily struggle, but it’s been so sweet! He is at work everywhere i look.

    Solo Deo Gloria!

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