Off-balance, imperfect, unaffected

Hayley feels off-balance, spiritually speaking. Nothing major—no huge life crisis or rebellious streak—but definitely not herself. An ickiness is hanging around, and frankly, she’s getting on her own nerves! 🙂 Where’s the excitement of being nineteen? Where’s the peace and joy and all those things God’s daughters are promised? Is she missing something?

I wonder if you’ve been out of balance, too. Chances are, you know how Hayley feels. The world is tough, and even day-to-day routines take a toll on our minds and bodies. (Side note here: How AWESOME is Heaven going to be! Perfect balance, pure minds, resurrected bodies!) So what’s the cure to getting a worthy daughter’s mojo back? According to the fourth chapter of Philippians, it’s all about a Spirit-filled attitude adjustment:

1.     Verse 1: Stand firm in the Lord. When I’m out of sorts—tired, confused, stressed, etc.—the first area to check is my daily walk with God. Most times, it needs some TLC. For me, this means grabbing my Bible and journal, then heading outside for a nature date. He loves to meet me there! How about you? Do you have a regular, one-on-one appointment with the love of your life? It’s a basic, yet necessary step to reclaiming victory.

2.     Verse 6: Pray about every situation. Some girls don’t chat with God about the little things. Maybe they don’t want to bother Him—after all, a bad mood isn’t life threatening. One girl confessed, “I’d rather vent my irritations to friends. They agree with my complaints, but God tries changing my mind.” Please, give Him a fair shot, and you’ll see: There is freedom in praying about it all! When He changes your mind, He also restores your joyful heart.

3.     Verse 8: Think about good things. My grandma says, “Count your blessings.” Sounds cheesy—and who wants to interrupt a full-on pity party with happy thoughts? Jesus followers, that’s who! The enemy wants to keep you off-balance with stinkin’ thinkin’. The best way to conquer him is by focusing on the truths of God’s character, sacrifice, and promises. I like to write these down, say them out loud, and read them in scripture.  Peace flows in, and negativity pours out.

4.     Verse 11: Be content in every situation. Sometimes your car will break down. Or you’ll try something and fail. Or the person you adore will leave. In every circumstance, it’s all good. Why? Because God has your back. And while He never promised problem-free living, He vows to go before you, stand beside you, and live in you. Oh, and supply the perfect response for every situation. For His kids, it’s guaranteed contentment, no matter what. For real!

5.     Verse 13: Get your strength from God. You are not alone, battling the blahs with unreliable willpower. Enter the Spirit Power, a continuous source of supernatural strength. Call on Him, this Holiest of Spirits, who overtakes an out-of-sorts girl and renews her focus, feelings, and faith. You can do all things through Christ. He does the work. He gets the glory. You get a life that’s refreshed and happy, ready to fulfill an adventurous purpose: Loving God and loving others in His name.

Now, back to Hayley: She may be out of balance, but she’s not out of the family. I know this girl: She loves her Lord, and His strong, steady grip is unaffected by occasional ickiness. I pray she regains her spiritual confidence, remembering the new, good life that’s promised. I’m praying for you, too, that nothing—no distraction, no rebellion, no circumstance—spins you out of balance. With a grateful heart, allow me, your (slightly) older sister, to speak from experience: God’s beautiful plan–even on imperfect days–is sure, continuous, fulfilling, and possible through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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