A scoop of faith with a cherry on top

Just for today, pretend you’re in eighth grade. That’s right, take a trip back to braces, mean girls, and mood swings. Can you remember unfair parents? Oh, and contagious giggles? Okay, now that we’ve settled in, let’s visit two braces-wearing, Justin Bieber-loving Jesus followers. Where are they? Local ice cream shop with Mrs. Lynn, youth leader. What are they doing? Comparing Christianity to ice cream sundaes. Makes perfect sense, right? 🙂

Mrs. Lynn: I don’t want to be a dull, lifeless Christian. It’s like this bowl of ice cream with nothing on it. Who wants to be plain vanilla?

Taryn: Plain vanilla is lame. Who would settle for plain vanilla?

Gabby: I know, right? Vanilla people don’t know any better. Or they’re scared to try something new.

Mrs. Lynn: So dull, vanilla Christians are clueless and scared?

Taryn: Yeah, like GABB—bee! (Dissolves into hysterical laughter. God bless your patience, Mrs. Lynn!)

Gabby: I’m ignoring you, Taryn! I’m not vanilla. I’m like Jesus, a super-sized, double-scooped, ice cream sundae!

Mrs. Lynn: Exactly, Gabby! Jesus followers are exciting. They look like Him, the king of cool toppings! Let’s try something: Here’s your bowl of vanilla ice cream. That’s you when you first believed. Now as we add our toppings, tell me what they represent. Who wants to go first?

Taryn: Me! Okay, so I’m starting with hot fudge! (Pours the warm goo over her ice cream.) When the Holy Spirit came into my life, He covered all of me. He melted my fears and got mixed in with everything I do. (Stirs fudge into ice cream, then tries a spoonful.) How’s that, Mrs. Lynn? (Smiles with hot fudge on her lips.)

Mrs. Lynn: LOVE it, Taryn! The Holy Spirit covers us with protection, comfort, wisdom, courage….And when He’s all mixed in with your life, there’s no room for boring. How about you, Gabby?

Gabby: Umm, how about some nuts? My friends think I’m crazy when I don’t do the things they do. It may sound weird, but Jesus is my best friend. He makes me happy, so it’s okay if people call me nuts. Are crazy people like me boring, Mrs. Lynn?

Mrs. Lynn: You’re anything but crazy, and you’re certainly not boring. In fact, you’re one of my favorite nuts. God’s too! (Gabby smiles with head tilted to the side, a peanut stuck in her braces.)

Taryn: Sprinkles! We must have sprinkles! (Reaches for multi-colored garnishes.) These are little things Jesus does for me every day. Just small things to remind me He’s there. Like a beautiful sunset or a Bible verse He puts in my head. Sprinkles from Heaven!

Mrs. Lynn: Aww, I love when God gives me sprinkles. Good job, Taryn!

Taryn: Well, wait till you hear this. (Puts a big cherry on top of her sundae.) This bad boy is red because of Jesus’ blood. And…and…umm, yeah….it’s a cherry….

Gabby: Lame! The cherry, TaRYNNN, is obviously Heaven! It’s at the top of the sundae, the ultimate goal! We’ll be with Jesus—oh, get this—we were PICKED by Him! Get it? Cherries are picked? And life is good right now, but it’ll be even better in Heaven. (Smiles in victory at her analogy. Peanut still stuck in braces.)

Mrs. Lynn: An exciting life, for sure. Ready for you, with way more toppings than we can imagine. That’s John 10:10, the abundant life. Are you ready to dig in? ‘Cause it’s right here, waiting. Scrumptious adventure, with a forever cherry on top.

Gabby: Give me a spoonful of  that Spiritual goodness!

Taryn: Lame! Umm, on second thought, I’ll have some, too.


“Taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him” (Psalm 34:8).


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