A date with the future

Have you ever wanted to fast forward ten or twenty years, just to peek at the grown-up woman who has your face? I wonder what she’d say about your life right now. She’d probably assure you it’ll be okay, that pimples and calories won’t matter much in the long run. I’m sure that the “future you” would have some advice about boys, too. After all, she’d know the rest of the story, or at least an update about this guy or that.

Well, today’s your lucky blessed day, sweet child of God! Here, fresh from adulthood, are pearls of wisdom, straight from Future You! Well, not you exactly, but women who’ve walked the same journey in Boyland and would love to share what they’ve learned. So see what you think. Hopefully, you’ll hear some advice that’ll make Future Self very, very happy.

Prince Charming in Disguise (Psalm 37:4)

Karen, 31—–I wish I had known that my idea of a perfect guy was not God’s idea of the perfect guy. I had a detailed wish list. However, it didn’t take long to see that the list was not a substitute for actually trusting God. When I met my husband and relinquished control of that list, I saw that he was everything I never knew I always wanted. Don’t fuss at God when He hasn’t given you what you want. Maybe He has, and you just can’t see it.

Stacey, 27—–Things you want right now in a guy will change! Keep yourself in the middle of God’s will, because even when you’re young, God knows what’s best—and He knows you’ll ultimately love it. I knew my husband in high school, and he was a good guy, just someone I wouldn’t have pegged as my future husband. I’m so glad I trusted God’s plan, because if I’d married someone who fit my “wants” at seventeen, I’d be an unhappy girl today!

Princess in Waiting (Psalm 139:14)

Anna, 40—–I thought something was wrong with me when I never got asked out. Somewhere along the way, I got the message that I was not good enough, instead of understanding I was a great catch that boys didn’t yet recognize—and because of this, I made terrible choices. Instead of trusting God’s Word, I was too focused on changing who I was to get a man. I didn’t realize my worth in Christ.

Kristen, 23—–Every woman is a treasure and should be treated as such. By that, I don’t mean she should be placed on a pedestal, but that a man should recognize the beauty—inside and out—that she is and treat her like a rare jewel that has been gifted to him.

Cathy, 47—–I wish someone would have told me it’s okay not to have a boyfriend. So many girls are caught up in what others think about them—especially in the dating world. There’s heartache, stress, and consequences when we accept what the world says. The world is wrong. We are daughters of the King, whether or not there’s a prince by our side.

United Kingdom (2 Corinthians 6:14)

Debbie, 50—–Being unequally yoked (being with someone who does not share a passion for Christ) put me on the path to heartache and divorce. I was active in my faith, but fear of being alone led me to someone who did not share my devotion. No one told me about the dangers of being unequally yoked. But I’m loving you enough to tell you now.

Royal Control (Ephesians 5:3)

Jessie, 23—–Know beforehand where to draw the line physically, as far as what you’re okay with and what the Bible says. Be prepared to stand firm on that standard. It’s our job as Godly women to protect that most intimate part of ourselves. And we do not leave that responsibility to anyone but ourselves.

Melissa, 43—–Even Christian guys are a whole lot more physical, sexually speaking, than young women, so girls must dictate the rules when in private. They need to understand this position, to be Godly with their bodies. Decide beforehand what’s pleasing to God, and refuse to put yourself in a compromising situation. God will bless and protect your commitment.

So there you have it. Aren’t my Future Friends wise and loving? 🙂 My prayer for you, worthy daughter of God, is a life full of Him and free of regret starting NOW. He has big things planned, and believe me, today’s choices affect tomorrow. Be good to your future. Be good to your present. I promise: It’s as easy as falling in love with the timeless King.


One thought on “A date with the future

  1. jordan says:

    “It’s as easy as falling in love with the timeless King.” Oh, so true! I will personally attest to that!

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