To know Him is to love Him

Who is God to you? Quick, what’s your image of the Creator? To some, He conjures up thoughts of a rule-demanding, punishment-giving drill sergeant. To others, His kind, grandfatherly hands pass out blessings like candy. Some don’t acknowledge the name at all unless it’s linked to a curse word. So, who is God to you?

More and more, I meet young women who know about God but don’t really know Him. They’ve heard about some cool things He did a zillion years ago. They’ve even prayed to Him once or twice when things got rough. But to really know Him? To understand His thoughts about this or that? To think of Him as an intimate best friend?  Nope, not even close.

A girl and her God. A girl who, it turns out, is the apple of God’s eye. More than anything, He wants a relationship that’s super close. He wants to hear, from her own lips, the dreams and disappointments of everyday life. He wants her to want Him. Does this strike anyone else as upside-down craziness? The creator of the world, the perfect One—GOD–desperately wants her, a struggling human, to throw some attention His way. And she may, for a week or two. Or she may not.

I don’t want to be that girl, not even for one day. I want to know the God who knows me. Who cherishes me, and whose very name brings smiles of joy and tears of hope. I want to be overwhelmed with the truth that He knows me, adores me, forgives me, guides me, blesses me. He and I, snuggled up and cozy. A girl and her holy, powerful, loving God.

So how does knowing about God transform into knowing Him? So glad you asked! First of all, you’ll need to meet His son, Jesus Christ. He paid a huge price so that our messed-up selves could know God. Read the third chapter of John in a Bible or comment me for more info. (If you don’t know Jesus yet, you’re going to LOVE Him!)

Then think about this: How do you know your best friend so well? It’s simple: Calling, hanging out, and thinking about her often.  That’s exactly what God wants: Some good, old-fashioned quality time. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) what He’ll reveal when it’s a Holy date for two! Here are some ideas to get the relationship ball rolling:

1)     Start with a sincere talk with God–it doesn’t have to sound fancy–and share that you want to know Him better. He’ll come through, guaranteed.

2)      Make a daily appointment for some two-way conversations. You’ll talk with Him, but remember, it’s a two-way street (let Him speak, too). Choose a book in the Bible, and read/think about a chapter. Get a devotional book. Journal. Or just sit in the quiet and wait for thoughts of God to flood your mind.

I’m praying that the God you know about is the God you also know. I’m praying that a cozy relationship with Him gets even cozier today. And I’m praying that from now on, you’ll seize the opportunity of a lifetime: An intimate walk with a Holy God.


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