Simply following

You can learn a lot from eavesdropping, don’t you think? Not that I’m condoning it, of course, but sometimes the best scoop happens at the next table! And with my supersonic hearing, it’s only natural that I’d pick up a word or two from complete strangers. Here’s a conversation I recently heard while snooping listening in:

Girl with cute hair: Being a Christian is more confusing than I thought!
Girl with bangle bracelets: Seriously? C’mon, it’s crystal clear. Just do what God says.
Cute hair girl: But that’s the frustrating part! How do I know what He’s telling me to do?
Bracelet girl: It’s really not complicated. Ask. Dig. Obey. That’s it!

Way to go, Bracelet Girl! My instinct was to jump up and high-five her bejeweled self, but instead I sat quietly and thought about the incredible wisdom. Could it really be that simple? If we Christians want to matter, could it all boil down to three little words?  And then I remembered one tiny sentence Jesus used to explain His world-changing plan: “Follow me.”

Is that all? “Follow me.” Okay, so if I follow, then where is He going? So glad you asked! 🙂 The Bible is filled with places Jesus went. Hopefully, you want to tag along in His loving footsteps:

  • Where people are hurting (Know anyone who’s lonely? Discouraged? Encourage her!)
  • Where people are searching (Know anyone who is curious about God? Share Him!)
  • Where people are worshipping (Know of a place where God is honored? Be there!)

It really is an amazing thing: When I spend time with God—asking for wisdom and finding it in His Word—then my purpose becomes a no-brainer. All of a sudden, I’m surrounded by people who need compassion! And just like Jesus, I’m happy to give it. (Who, I wonder, is helping these people when I don’t follow the Leader?)

Yes, Bracelet Girl was on to something. The Christian life is not supposed to be complicated. It’s not some dark mystery with a farfetched purpose. Instead, it’s simply about TODAY. For the next twenty-four hours, take time to honor Him and love others. Then do the same tomorrow. And the next day. Then before you know it, God will reveal a path you never saw coming. A good one. An important one. A path of confident girls with bracelets, ponytails, freckles and high heels—daughters of the Father, simply following. Beautiful!


“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you” (Psalm 25:4-5).


3 thoughts on “Simply following

  1. Jordan Smith says:

    Mrs. Ava, i just love reading your posts. This is so true! i think we often forget how simple (although, not easy) our the Way is.

    i love that verse. i can hear Leo Day in my head, “Show me Your ways, that i may walk with You. Show me Your ways, i put my hope in You. The cry of my heart is to love You more, to live with the touch of Your hand. Stronger each day, show me Your way.”

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