I’m sticking with you

I’m sticking with you, Lord. I refuse to let temptations destroy me or selfishness distract me. Against this crazy world, it’s you and me—well, mostly you, that’s for sure. Thanks for staying close, even when I’m tough to be around. But even when I fall short, Father, please know that deep down, I want to follow you forever. I believe your words and trust you’ll guide my every step. You are my loyal friend, my strong warrior, and my sovereign king. What kind of fool would I be to walk away? Not a chance, God. Until I die (and even after that), I’m sticking by your side.

I wonder where this road will take us. You’re leading the way, holding my tiny hand in your capable grip. What’s in store for a girl like me who loves you like crazy? Here’s what I know for sure: The journey will be exciting, fulfilling, unpredictable, and courageous. It will require faith, patience, and spiritual maturity. And I’m getting there, learning to trust, listen, and learn. Here’s the goal, pure and simple: I want to stay so close that maybe, just maybe, my shadow will start looking like yours!

My deepest desire, Father, is to be a daughter who loves you in a million ways. I want to study your word and spend time with you, just talking—not whining or complaining but telling you how great you are! I want to be your hands and feet, giving help to the helpless. I want to notice all the ways you bless me, and I want to be grateful. Oh, and I want to make you proud, running quickly from sin and clinging ferociously to light.

Here’s my vow, Father: I’m not going anywhere without you, and I mean it. When you lovingly whispered, “Follow me,” I heard you loud and clear. You are life. You are hope. And you are love. Father God, I’m sticking close to you.


Jesus said, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never die; no one can snatch them out of my hand” (John 10:27-23).


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